SDCC Day 3: An impromptu video improv…

On Friday evening at Comic-Con we dined with John Hogan and Carol Fitzgerald of and… The evening started out really cool as we ate at a family Italian restaurant by the name of Doppa De something (Conor made fun of the fact that all Italian sounds like that).  We dined with great people like Gina Gagliano (sp?) at First Second Publishing, teacher Bill McGrath, and librarian Eva Volin.

Eva dragged us away from our dessert that evening to do a quick video hit – which has just showed up on YouTube.  You can watch the video here.

And because we had done so many interviews that day, those that know us will see that Conor and I switched roles for this interview (Conor’s idea, I must admit)… It made sure that we didn’t answer in the same media bites we normally would…

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