“You can mark this one in the genius column”

With the release of Issue #3 earlier today, a couple reviews have started to be posted online.  The first one up today was from Ryan at WeeklyCrisis.com, a well-constructed website that does regular reviews of new titles.  This is one of the most positive reviews we’ve received thus far, which is what we’ve been hoping for (we always thought that our story starts to hit its stride in the third issue, as it not only picks up the pace but also adds a lot of comedy).

Ryan’s verdict?  “Must Read. I’ll put it this way, remember the last time you probably heard the premise behind a comic that was this bizarre? Chances are, it was probably Chew, which was one of the most critically acclaimed comics to debut in 2009. At its halfway point, Kill Shakespeare is the Chew of 2010. It’s seriously that good and you seriously shouldn’t miss it under any circumstances.”

You can click on the image to read the review.

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