Happy Birthday to our own Adam Savage!

Today is not only Canada Day here in our home and native land, it’s also Kill Shakespeare co-creator Conor McCreery’s birthday!  Being the discreet individual that he is, he annually fails to acknowledge that some of the fireworks that people throw shoot off into the sky every year is the celebration of his birth…

Conor is to the left, Savage to the right... I think

If you’ve never met Conor, he looks like… well, he looks like Adam Savage, the host from the Discovery Channel show Mythbusters.  Eerily so.  In fact, he is stopped every now and then and asked if this is the case.  When Conor and I attended Comic-Con in San Diego last year four people stopped him over the course of the convention to ask for a photo.  He told two of the people (quite politely) that he wasn’t him, the third person he pretended that he was, and the fourth he said that he was a stunt double for Savage.  The third stunt double over the course of the show, mind you(“Did you really think that he would do his own stunts?…”).  The photo below is of a woman taking a photo of Conor, believing him to be the stunt double…

Taking a photo of Adam Savage's stunt double...

In all seriousness, happy birthday, Adam Savage – er, I mean Conor.  You are a great friend and a great business partner and I hope that we’ll be able to track down Adam Savage this year at Comic-Con and have the two of you meet.  Worlds will collide.

I won't tell you if this is Conor or Savage... You have to decide...

  1. Conor McCreery Conor McCreery
    Conor McCreery replied on July 2, 2010 at 10:57 am

    Ginger-hate. Squash it!

  2. Zim Zim
    Zim replied on December 30, 2010 at 1:42 am

    Damn you guys look so alike. Both are amazing IMO :D

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