Helpful files for the Kill Shakespeare Game HERE

Happy New Year (again) everyone!

Serious Man. Fun Game.

Serious Man. Fun Game.

Many of you have been reaching out to us on social media to let us know you received a copy of the Kill Shakespeare Board Game for the holidays. Thank you so much for supporting us. We want to hear everything we can about how you are liking the game, what you think can be improved, and what you’d want to see in expansion packs for the game.

For those of you who didn’t realize we had a game out you can go here for a great review and discussion of how it came to be (And if you have the game? Ah, go ahead. Click anyway!)

This was the first time making a game for us and for IDW who spearheaded the project. While we’re VERY proud of the game that Wolf and Tomas designed for us, it’s incredibly thought-out and meticulously play-tested and put together, we know that some of the peripherals are a bit lacking.

But IDW isn’t the kind of partner to shrug their shoulders and say “oh, we’ll get’em next time!” They’ve been working their butts off with a few different folks around the internet – including David Minken of ConnectMore - who posts amazing play-throughs of tons of great games.┬áTogether they have made a collection of bonus materials, rules, a turn description, a summary sheet of how each round works, etc… to make your game playing (or giving) experience easier – and we want to share those with you.

To access the folder with all these goodies click here.

Now go, play and have fun!

All the best,
Conor & Anthony

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