Good morning, Baltimore!

Last weekend I visited one of the top east coast comic-cons – the Baltimore Comic-Con!  I spent the weekend chatting with fans, signing and selling books, attending the Harvey Awards, eating crab cakes, and having a great time.  Thanks to everyone that I saw over the course of the weekend!

Here are some photos from the weekend:

The obligatory photo of the convention sign...

Anthony got a special privilege of getting his hands on an advance proof copy of Volume #3! So excited! It looks great (due out mid-October).

Wait a minute, is that PINOCCHIO VAMPIRE SLAYER creator Van Jensen pretending to be a Kill Shakespeare creator...? Well, he's got a better beard than Conor... — with Van Jensen at The Baltimore Convention Center.

Before and after the looking glass...

Action shot?

Anthony with IDW's cool sales guy Alan Payne!

Again, check out that beard...

Brett Schenker works the Kill Shakespeare booth, selling passersby on the virtues of Shakespeare.

This fan asked a question at the IDW BIG PANEL in rhyme so we HAD to give her a copy of Volume #1!

This fan was tired. Really tired. So we presented her with our chair.

First customers of the show!

Anthony with FUBAR creator and amazing artist Jeff McComsey.

... and the real size of things...

Anthony jokes around with Josh Adams before the Harvey Awards.

Anthony with comics editor/marketer Marc Lombardi, who is obsessed with our business cards.

Another show, another sighting of Michel Villeneuve, who is angling to get the title of our biggest fan! He's with Andie, who ran the floor for all of the show's artists

Shock and awe upon reading Kill Shakespeare!

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