Love is in the air. Kill Shakespeare-style!

Such is my love, to thee I so belong, That for thy right myself will bear all wrong. - Sonnet 88

UPDATE (May 28th, 2013): Julia Beckmann, who owns Amore Vita, saw the below post and super-kindly sent over a bunch of the most relevant Kill Shakespeare snaps. So while I would still VERY HEAVILY recommend you go over to her site ( you can now look at some of those photos right here, right now!

(How’s that for service, huh?)

Iron Man and Juliet - a natural combination.

As you know, we're unrepentant Star Wars geeks, so Julia gifted us this photo as well. Oh Han, so coy...

As the wonderful Mr. Anthony Del Col so kindly noted, a year ago this day was when the love of my life, Crystal Luxmore, and I got married.

It’s been a fantastic year and I’m blessed beyond belief to have met my perfect partner.

I love you sweetie.

But enough about that… because we’ve got ANOTHER awesome couple we need to focus on.

Rico Renzi, part of the team of awesome dudes & dudettes behind Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find, one of the top comic shops in the WORLD sent this very cool e-mail to me.

It seems that Josh, one of Heroes’ regulars, decided he needed to get his love of comics into his wedding photos. That, in itself, is cool: we love all things geeky and romancing up here in Kill Shakespeare headquarters.

But what made this REALLY awesome? The bride to be, Denise? She seems to be a K.S. fan!

Check out this link for Amore Vita – if you scroll about half-way down through Julia’s pictures you’ll see Kill Shakespeare’s cameo (you’ll also see some great visual references to Superman, Star Wars and other classic components of the geek canon).

Hug someone you love!


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