A preview of our Cover for Issue #1 of The Tide of Blood

We are now one month away from the release of our first issue of The Tide of Blood mini-series and we’re getting excited to get it into the hands of our fans as well as new readers.  We’re quite happy with the story – and the numerous twists and turns that it takes throughout.  Just as great for us is the artwork for the series.  Andy Belanger has gotten even better in the two years since the last series ended – some of his layouts and characters designs are amazing in this series.

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be previewing a number of pages of artwork for the series to pique your interest.

Kill Shakespeare The Tide of Blood

Today we start off with the lead cover for the first issue.  It’s a great piece of art created by British artist Simon Davis. Simon is a fantastic comic and visual artist who we were introduced to through Richard Starkings (who has been a great mentor to us over the last couple of years).  His work on this cover is amazing and really sets the tone for the entire run.

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