The Tide of Blood Issue #1 now available for pre-order!

Now that December is here it is now time for comic shop retailers to order their stock for the month of February, 2013.  And what specific comic title is being released in February?  Kill Shakespeare: The Tide of Blood, of course!

The ad in the current Preview magazine, at all comic shop retailers this month

For those that don’t know, comic retailers place all of their orders through Diamond Comic Distributors, which list all of the titles being released in a specific month in a magazine/catalogue called Previews.  Everything is ordered two months in advance and retailers will order based on how many copies they think they will be able to sell when it comes out.

Conor, myself, Keith Morris and the rest of our team will be doing an extended marketing campaign to retailers this month to make them aware of the new 5-issue arc The Tide of Blood.  But we need help from you! Tell your comic retailer that they need to stock lots of copies of our series.  Our first issue (back in April, 2010) was sold out immediately and when a 100 Penny Edition of the first issue was released back in 2011 it also sold out immediately.  Those facts, combined with the knowledge that we are now entering a fifth printing of Volume 1 (and sales of Volume 2 increasing quickly) means that retailers can play a big role in ensuring the success of our series.

So pre-order a copy (or copies) of Issue #1 this month from your retailer!

The creative team is back – myself and Conor are writing the issues and Andy Belanger is doing the art.  And he’s doing some amazing stuff!  He gets to play with a lot of fun elements – mystical creatures, cannibals, wizards and, of course, our main heroes that are returning to deal with the magical Prospero.

We will be releasing more information about the new The Tide of Blood arc over the course of the month but make sure to let your retailers know – in person, over email, through Twitter and Facebook – that you want a copy!

  1. Alicia Robichaud Alicia Robichaud
    Alicia Robichaud replied on December 3, 2012 at 1:00 pm

    Looking forward to the continuation of the series.

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