Rehearsals for this Saturday’s NYCC show

Conor and I arrived in New York earlier today and immediately brought all of our stock and supplies for the show to the Javits Centre.  Afterwards, though, we were treated to an invite to visit a rehearsal of our Live Stage Reading which will be performed this Saturday at the New York Comic-Con.

Deep in rehearsals

Produced by Gideon Productions, it’s a really talented cast and I’m excited to see what they do in front of a comic-con crowd.  It should be fantastic – the actors were really sinking their teeth into the roles and Conor and I laughed quite a bit.  They’ve got great foley work and two (!) musicians accompanying the action throughout.

The show is on Sat, Oct 13th at 11am on the Variant Stage.  If you’re at the show check out the hour-long presentation for a great time!

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