Wizard Con Winners!

We attended the Toronto Wizard Comic-Con this past weekend and we were very fortunate to have 20 copies of Kill Shakespeare #1 with us.  IDW Publishing had give us a limited number of preview copies to hand out to lucky contest winners over the span of the three days.  Every hour or so an announcement would be made and contestants would answer a trivia question revolving around Shakespeare or comics (IDW-centric).  Samples questions were:

1. Name three Shakespeare characters that start with the letter “H”.

2. What G.I. Joe character does not speak?

3. How many witches are in the play Macbeth? (This seems like an obvious answer but it’s not…)

4. What Shakespeare character has the most lines in a play that is NOT named after him/her?

Photos of some of the winners are below.  Thanks to all of the contestants, Wizard, and AnnaMaria from IDW!

  1. Alice Quinn replied on March 28, 2010 at 9:47 pm

    Woot! horray for answering questions correctly!
    I gotta tell you I am looking forward to the next issue allready!

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