All the World’s the SAA!

Conor and I just got back from the Shakespeare Association of America‘s 2012 conference, held in Boston the past three days. Despite my lack of sleep I’m still on a high from the days there.  The SAA is an organization devoted to the study of Shakespeare and his plays and how they from a part of the culture.

It was a great conference for us for SO many reasons: we got to meet up with some old friends, meet up with a lot of our Facebook and Twitter followers, were fortunate to sit in on the Friday morning plenary presentation by Dr. Peter Holland (University of Notre Dame), who discussed our project in the presentation “Shakespeare, Humanity Indicators, and The Seven Deadly Sins”), discovered that two other academics profiled our project in other papers (including one, “Screw Shakespeare”, that discusses the sexual and pornographic images in our series” – who knew?), sold a lot of books and t-shirts… but MOST importantly, left feeling even more energized about the potential of our series to reach larger audiences and a better appreciation of how great Shakespeare is.

Thanks to everyone who chatted with us this weekend – you were all great to talk to and you each inspired us.  Thanks for that!

And next year we look forward to attending – especially as it’s right here in Toronto!

Here are some pictures from the weekend…

Dr. Peter Holland presenting his plenary presentation and profiling Kill Shakespeare

We finally got to meet Emily Sloan-Pace, otherwise known as @shakespeareprof on Twitter!

Whatever it takes to get people to read and study our book...

Anthony with fellow Timmins native professor Sean Lawrence

Yes, this may be the coolest tattoo ever (it reads "I am not what I am")

The California girls (Claire and Jenny) were trying to teach us how to use the term "y'all"...

A preview of SAA 2013? Anthony and Conor with Don Hedrick, Amy Scott Douglass and Jim Casey.

We sold all but four of the Justice League t-shirts... One guy said, "This is the coolest things I have EVER seen!"

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