To all our Teacher friends, ‘sup!

While Anthony was away in Seattle converting the masses to the joys of Bardicide, Conor was beavering away back in K.S. HQ on a new project that we’ve hinted at but will be announcing “for realsies” very soon.

And while he was procrastinating by checking e-mail a really cool message came in.

As many of you know we’ve got dreams that Kill Shakespeare will be picked up by school systems around the world as either a way to introduce people to the Bard’s tropes and tricks or as a tool for deeper analysis of the plays.

So far we’ve been making steady headway (And later this week Anthony and Conor will both be in Boston for the annual meeting of the Shakespeare Association of America) but the little e-mail we got was from noted academic reviewer Chris Wilson.

Chris is the top dog behind the awesome The Graphic Classroom –  a well-read site chock full of reviews and tools for teachers looking to bring graphic novels into the classroom.

Chris gave Kill Shakespeare a REALLY solid review and called it “highly recommended” for school classrooms.

For our teacher fans we hope this is something you can use to help justify bringing K.S. to your class, and for those of you who have teacher friends this is a fantastic link to help them discover our series, but more importantly graphic novels in general.

Thanks Chris!

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