IFC says “Adapt Kill Shakespeare!”

As Conor and I are deeply immersed in the screenwriting of the film version of Kill Shakespeare, it’s always great when independent sources (fans, readers, media) talk to us about adapting our project for the screen.  It’s great to talk about casting possibilities, changes to the story, the hard process of adapting your own work, etc.

One media source that also is looking forward to an adaptation is Rick Marshall from IFC.com.  He runs a weekly column looking at comics that would make great screen adaptations and this week he turns his eye to us (two weeks ago it was KS cover artist Kagan McLeod’s Infinite Kung Fu). And this week?  It’s Kill Shakespeare!

An interesting quote from the analysis:

“Given the size of the world in Kill Shakespeare and the epic nature of the characters’ quest, television seems like the right medium to tell McCreery and Del Col’s story – especially since there’s little need for complicated special effects. The popularity of current shows like “Grimm” and “Once Upon A Time” make it easy to see the possibilities of a “Kill Shakespeare” television series, and if the project receives the sort of nurturing that one of the cable networks like SyFy can provide, the sky’s the limit.”

What do you think?

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