Congrats to IDW!

It was officially announced today – our publisher, IDW, has gained “premier” status with Diamond Comic Distributors.  As the IDW press release states, they are, “the first company to do so since the system was established in 1996.”  This will mean increased visibility for the company, better placement in Previews magazine, and an even stronger market share moving forward.

Congrats to everyone at IDW, including – but not limited to – Ted, Greg, Chris, Alan, AnnaMaria, Tom, Marci, Robbie and Jeff.  We look forward to becoming one of the flagship brands under this new arrangement!

  1. Tania Roxborogh replied on March 20, 2010 at 6:57 pm

    Hey guys
    Was at a literarti type party last night and I told all about your Kill Shakespeare project. I was surprised and delighted that 3/4 of those there (some secretly) loved comics and (not so secretly) loved Shakespeare.

    I gave a brief outline of the story and the general consensus was ‘Cool!’ (okay we’re 30 -50 somethings).

    I suggested to everyone to forget waiting for it to be distributed down under and just go online and secure copies.

    Later, after a few wines, some of us sat around and discussed the merits or not of the chosen lead characters. Huge arguments about Lady Macbeth (I won – she’s a stunner evil genuis) and why Macbeth wasn’t there too (cos he’s a wimp!).

    Anyway, I reckon you guys have hit on a winner: Comics and Shakespeare. Score!

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