Our first Cos-players!

For those of you in the “comics know” you know that nothing says a comic has made it like fans dressing up as your characters.

Our soviergn Lord and Lady

For those of you not in the know – that phenomena of having fans dress up is called “cos-play” (costume play). Kill Shakespeare has been humming along quite nicely but to date we hadn’t had anyone so crazy about our concept that they were going to dress up as one (or more) of our characters.

Well, that has all changed now because of the awesome sewing talents of Alicia Robichaud and the willing model that is her husband Ken.

You see this year at HalCon Ken and Alicia decided to surprise the K.S. team by coming as Lady Macbeth and Richard!!!!

I cannot emphasize how amazing it was that this happened. When I first saw them I actually didn’t get what they were doing. I THOUGHT that Alicia’s outfit looked a lot like Lady Macbeth’s in issue #3 but surely nobody was going to take the time to dress like OUR comic.

So my mind was pretty blown when Alicia and Ken told me exactly who they were. Andy was also super excited — it’s the first time his designs have been used for a costume and the amount of detail Alicia (who is also a talented photographer — you can see her work here) put into the costumes is pretty mind-numbing. She even ordered her wig from China!

So a hearty Kill Shakespeare salute to Alicia and Ken — the husband and wife who stole out cos-play virginity.

(not that we mind a bit).

More photos below:

Ken makes a pretty fantastic Richard - he even had a REAL sword.

Now where DID that King get too...

You tell me who the bigger fans here are.

Lady Macbeth, Richard and... Martok? Wow... that really IS an axis of evil.

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