First Kill Shakespeare Cosplayers!

Andy, Conor and I returned from Halifax on Monday after taking part in the fantastic Hal-Con 2011.  I’ll have more to post on that later this week (photos!) but in the meantime, I wanted to share a very special moment for us…

Our first Kill Shakespeare cosplayers!

Ken as Richard III

Ken and Alicia Robichaud, huge fans of the series, went out of their way to put together elaborate costumes of Richard III and Lady Macbeth to wear to this year’s Con.  The costumes are amazing but more importantly than that, it was very touching.  I couldn’t help but reflect upon the fact that a mere two-plus years ago this entire concept was just an idea that Conor and I had, and now not only does our dream fill the pages of comic book issues, will come alive with the stage show at Young Centre for the Performing Arts (and Soulpepper) next week (Nov 26 – 27th) but now we have fans who love the series enough to dress up as their favourite characters.

Alicia as Lady Macbeth

It’s what makes all of the work and long hours worth it.

Thanks to Ken and Alicia for brightening our day and putting huge smiles on our faces!

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