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When I was a teenager growing up in northern Canada (Timmins, to be precise) I wanted to get a better understanding of the world around me – both nationally and internationally.  To get this I signed up for a subscription to Maclean’s magazine, Canada’s general interest weekly magazine exploring news, culture, politics, science and everything else.  For a span of almost three years I read every single issue cover to cover.

And now, many years later, we are profiled in Maclean’s (click the cover image to go to the article)!

Kill Shakespeare Macleans

An issue hitting newstands this past Friday featured a full-page article by Claire Ward analyzing the project – its origins, present triumphs, and its possible future.  It’s a very well-researched piece in which Ms. Ward contacted Shakespeare scholars James Shapiro and Stephen Greenblatt to comment on it (spoiler: one likes us, one doesn’t).  It’s a great piece and I recommend that you check it out if you’re in Canada (it’s on the issue featured above, page 58).

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