Kill Shakespeare on CBC Radio’s Q

Yesterday, Conor and I sat down for an interview on CBC Radio’s “Q”, an arts, entertainment and culture show on Canada’s public broadcaster.  The show is always informative and it was great to chat about the series and get people excited about it.

The regular host, Jion Ghomeshi, was on vacation so filling in for him was Zaib Shaikh, best known in Canada for his role on the popular Little Mosque on the Prairie.  This was actually a welcome change as Zaib is himself an actor and a huge fan of Shakespeare who also directed a television production of Othello a few years ago, and it also spared the world Conor’s Billy Bob Thornton impersonation

To listen to the interview, you can click on the link and go the January 4th episode.  Our interview starts at the 53 minute mark of the episode.

One thing that I’d like to mention is that the interview focused mainly on Shakespeare and the Kill Shakespeare story and thus we weren’t able to have a discussion on the artwork and our excellent artist team (of Andy, Ian and Kagan), which we always like to do.

  1. Conor McCreery Conor McCreery
    Conor McCreery replied on January 8, 2011 at 12:45 pm

    “Spared”, bah, just delayed…

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