Its finally up!

You can now watch Conor and Anthony’s  award winning Pitch This! presentation. This is what won us the big, fake, novelty cheque!

Also, there are several other great pitches on the video, especially The Fringe, Brobots and 50 Proof (which I found really funny, but maybe I was in the minority).

So click here to watch the whole thing. Or jump straight ahead to the 32 minute mark to see us do our stuff (use the full screen version, because the pop-up window isn’t cropped too well).

They also had to edit out a bit where our video didn’t run (which is too bad because we had a couple of good awkward one-liners as we waited in growing horror).

Anyway tell us what you think, and tell us which PITCH you would have voted for — aside from us of course…

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