Kill Shakespeare fan art!

The supremely talented Jibola Fagbamiye is a Nigerian-Canadian artist who blends traditional art from his childhood in Africa with iconic hip-hop and 70′s soul images.

He also loves comics and, fortunately for us, is a Kill Shakespeare fan. So that led Jibola to whip up the AMAZING fan art that you can see below.

This AWESOME Othello courtesy of the VERY talented Jibola Fagbamiye. Click to enlarge.

For more of his work, and a chance to find out about his next Toronto shows swing by his web-site.

Thanks Jibola, we here at Kill Shakespeare salute you (and will soon be fighting it out for the right to hang this on our walls!).

We always love seeing fan art, so please send it off to us at

  1. don young don young
    Don Young replied on October 22, 2010 at 5:46 pm

    Wow, that looks better than the actually art!

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