Graphic Novel Reporter Grills us!

This image looks a bit weird because SOMEONE isn't so hot with Photoshop...

We’ve always hoped that Kill Shakespeare becomes the sort of comic that people who don’t usually read comics can pick up and enjoy. And part of that is getting educators and librarians to see both the value of Kill Shakespeare AND the value of comics as a unique medium that not only spans both literature and art, but also introduces a level of complexity in forcing the reader to work out how those two pieces inform each other.

John Hogan is the editor of the very excellent Graphic Novel Reporter who, as part of, has an audience that spills nicely into those teachers and librarians.

So enjoy our little chat with John, learn about who Anthony DESPERATELY wants to play Hamlet, and watch me use words that I probably don’t actually understand (‘contextualization?’, really Conor?).

All the reporter-y goodness can be found here.

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