Uncertain Life and Sure Death

As the Ides of March approaches I’m kind of pondering that whole: “my thoughts be bloody or nothing worth” dilemma that Hamlet wrestles with. I mean, on one hand, murder is awful, bad, and often really messy – even if you’ve already covered the bathroom floor with a tarp and have the hack-saw and bag of quicklime on the go.

On the OTHER hand – when Shakespeare does it, murder is pretty awesome. I mean, heads get chopped off, poison is consumed, there is not one, but TWO mass stabbings, people, Shakespeare once offed two kids by BAKING THEM IN A PIE and then SERVING THAT PIE TO THEIR MOM (“Mmm, this is good! Is this veal?” “No, it’s your kids, BOOM!”).

So that got me to thinking about OTHER people who love Shakespeare like we do, and especially love the peculiar joy that comes with snuffing out some punk’s all too brief candle.

This led us to David Malki ! and Ryan North – two of the creative engines behind the most excellent Machine of Death series of books and games. (PLUG ALERT: You may also know Ryan from his Blockbuster To Be or Not To Be: That Is The Adventure Kickstarter campaign.)

Since Machine was such a HUGE success we thought it likely that it’s blend of wit, wordplay and cold-bloodedly hilarious focus on mass murder might be popular with you guys too, so David ! kindly let us design a BONUS SET OF CARDS for Machine of Death that has an all-Shakespeare flavour. You can download the card set here – these print and play beauties are ready to seamlessly fit into any Machine of Death game.

"Uncertain life, and sure death." - All's Well That Ends Well

“Uncertain life, and sure death.” – All’s Well That Ends Well


Bonus points (and prizes!) go to the first five people to correctly post in the comment section what play each card represents (or tweet us @IDWGAMES or @KillShakespeare). And if you know anyone who plays Machine, send’em over here – the more crossover between fans of Bardicide and fans of murder in general, the better.

(plus, it means more credible suspects to throw the cops off your trail).

Murderously yours,


Kickstarter Update: Day 1


What a first day.

You guys and gals are AMAZING! We’re already more than 50% of the way to our goal and that’s because of your incredible support. I’m more excited than that time Falstaff and I went on a bender and TOTALLY spilled beer all over Richard III’s gimpy hand!

Thank you SO much for getting this campaign off to a great start. This is the first Kickstarter that Anthony and I have been involved in and it’s been a great success so far.

Please keep supporting our campaign, with your help we can reach more and more people and start to unlock some of the UNBELIEVABLE stretch goals – yes these goals are so mind-blowing you will literally find your brain short-circuit until you start saying things like: “I simply cannot believe they are offering me this – they must be mad, as mad as that rascally King Lear!”

As a little bonus for you awesome-sauce folks we want to share with you an EXCLUSIVE piece of art from the game that NOBODY else in the world has seen (and those that have we’ll kill – just to make this even more special for you).


Take a bow, you magnificent bastards, you!

So please, keep sharing this with your friends, harass the tastemasters of the internet to talk about this, tell your Grandmother to finally get on the interwebs – because we want to make the Kill Shakespeare Board Game the best Shakespearean thing EVER!

Oh, and for future sneak peeks – vote down in the comments if you want to see more exclusive game art or get a glimpse at ANOTHER awesome Kill Shakespeare project we’ve got on the boil (and bubble).

The Game Play’s the thing!


Conor McCreery

Bardicidal maniac

Toronto, February 2014

Fifth and Final Board Game Character Revealed! Something New Coming Next Week!

After posting character teaser posters for Hamlet, Juliet, Falstaff and Viola (Captain Cesario), today we are happy to release the fifth playable character in our upcoming board game, Othello.  How could we not put the Moor in our game?  He’s a fan favourite (as artist Andy Belanger likes to say, he’s the Incredible Hulk of our story) and should be a fun choice to play as in the game.

Here’s the poster featuring art by artist J.K. Woodward.


In addition to these five characters, Lady Macbeth and Richard are also key players in the game (characters you’ll be fighting against) and we’re also going to work in at least a dozen other throughout missions, events, etc.

Come back next week to find out more about a new development for the board game – we’ll probably announce it mid-week or so.

A New Character Boards Our Game!

We’ve had quite a bit of fun in the last couple of weeks showing off the character Wanted poster teases for our upcoming board game.  The social media reaction to Hamlet, Juliet and Falstaff have been very strong.  But today we introduce a completely new character to the Kill Shakespeare world!

This is the poster (artwork by JK Woodward) for the pirate Captain Cessario (aka Viola)!


When we began to collaborate on the board game with IDW Games, Pandasaurus Games and designers Thomas Vande Ginste and Wolf Plancke, we immediately wanted to add to the experience by introducing a new character into our world.  One of the most popular female characters in Shakespeare’s oeuvre has been Viola from Twelfth Night and we’ve wanted to play with her traits so here she is!

When the game is released we’ll tell you more about the back story that we created for her but it’s an interesting one, and something that people will be talking about quite a bit (and yes, it involves the famous trope of cross-dressing)!

We’re going to have another big announcement for the board game starting in just over a week so pay attention to this spot or our Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr pages.

Find This Fool (in our board game)!

After posting teaser Wanted Posters of Hamlet and Juliet, we’re now onto our third character reveal for our board game coming out in June of this year.  And today’s prey is… Falstaff!

As per usual, the game designers have thoroughly enjoyed putting the fat comedic sidekick into the story and we’re looking forward to drafting up some of the missions for him as well.

WantedFalstaffOnce again, look for the game’s release in June of this year by IDW Games and Pandasaurus Games!

Enter the Radical (into our board game)!

Last week we revealed that the first playable character in the upcoming Kill Shakespeare board game is Hamlet (of course).  And this week we reveal our second playable character – Juliet!

Yes, it’s pretty much as obvious as Hamlet is but why mess with a good thing?  We’ve gotten great feedback over the last few years on our interpretation of Juliet and we look forward to new audiences experiencing the great Prodigal leader when the game is released in May/June of this year.


Again, great artwork by J.K. Woodward!

First Character of Board Game Revealed!

Though I haven’t been posting many updates in the last couple weeks it’s because things have been pretty busy on this end, with some big announcements coming in the future.

The item that is public knowledge, of course, is our upcoming board game, slated for release in late-May of this year.  We’re excited about it and the progress has been a blast to be a part of.

IDW has just released the first character teaser for the game (created by artist J.K. Woodward), which is right here:

Hamlet: Wanted - Kill Shakespeare Board Game

Surprised?  Not really, I’m guessing.  Hamlet is our main character in our story so it would be inevitable that he would be featured as a character in the game.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be revealing more characters so stay tuned to this site, our Twitter account, or our Facebook page (and we should also have a Tumblr page up in the next week or two as well).

Board Game Enlists Two Murderously Talented Artists

It was announced yesterday by IDW Games that award-winning artists J.K. Woodward and Dave Dorman have signed on to serve as artists for the KILL SHAKESPEARE BOARD GAME.  We’re excited to work with these talents on the design of the characters and worlds as we move forward with the game.  We’re currently in the design process of the game and have enjoyed working with everyone thus far – IDW Games, Pandasaurus Games, designers Thomas Vande Ginste and Wolf Plancke.  It’s going to be a really fun game and experience!

The design of Richard III by J.K. Woodward.

The design of Richard III by J.K. Woodward.

You can read the IDW Games press release here.



Prospero attacks Shakespeare (sneak peek)!

Last week we posted a preview of Page 1 of The Tide of Blood #5, the final issue in our mini-series.  Here you’ll find Page 5 of the series, as Prospero prepares to take all of Shakespeare’s knowledge from him…

Andy Belanger

The Tide of Blood #5, Page 5: Prospero attacks Shakespeare

The issue comes out next Wednesday (the 28th).  Be prepared to be shocked by our ending…

The Long Wait is Over – final Tide hits stores on August 28th

After what seemed like FOREVER, the final issue of Kill Shakespeare, The Tide of Blood is steaming its way from the printers in Korea to YOUR local comic book shop!

(o.k., it probably isn’t STEAMING its way here, since this isn’t 1910, but “dieseling” doesn’t have the same romance now, does it?)

The issue will finally run aground at your LCS on the 28th of August. We apologize for the big gap between issues #4 and 5 — there were some script issues we had to iron out and Andy hit a crazy busy patch in his work and personal life and it all conspired to see us JUST miss our July deadline.

But that is the past, and the future is…

…. well, one HECK of an amazing end to the latest series! Issue #5 is a wild, break-neck race across the island you’ve grown to fear.

This puppy will wrap up the increasingly jagged love triangle between Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, will result in a wild three-way between Prospero, Shakespeare and Lady M (a WIZARD BATTLE you sicko, get your mind out of the gutter), and we’ll get a better sense of just what Sycorax has in store for our heroes as well.

I might even say it all ends on a “high tide”?

(No? No, I shouldn’t? In fact I should never try that pun again?

Fair enough…)

“Groaners” aside, because we’re generous guys, below is a sneak preview of the VERY first page. I don’t know how many other special peeks we can give you, every page is a spoiler in this 28-page juggernaut, but we can at least get you licking your chops for some Shakespearean action!

Thanks for being patient, and for being the best fans in the world! (and for those of you who may have missed it, I’m also including the cover here as well)

The final issue starts off with a "shuk" as we show you how to deal with a romantic rival: cray, cray Romeo-style!

Simon Davis, who started the series with his great take on the classic Gravedigger scene, returns here with an amazing shot of the mad-wizard Prospero