August FanExpo County

Well, it’s been just over a week since FanExpo ended and things have been quite busy. But I’ve finally(!) been able to go through some of the photos from the weekend and here they are! But first, thanks to everyone who made it an incredible weekend – our established fans, the new ones, the people […]

Rose City, here we come!

It’s going to be a busy September for us as between Conor and I we attend three comic conventions.  Conor is attending Montreal (Sept 12-14) and Edmonton (Sept 26-28) and he’ll be posting information about those shows soon… And for me? I get to make Kill Shakespeare’s first attendance at a show… The Rose City […]

Exclusive first look at Sherlock Holmes vs Harry Houdini (via Bleeding Cool)

Just saw that BleedingCool.com has posted a few of the pages from our upcoming new comic series with Dynamite Comics, SHERLOCK HOLMES vs HARRY HOUDINI! You can check out the artwork at this link.  We’re quite excited about how this series is shaping out – we’re in the midst of writing the latter issues and […]

Kill Shakespeare @ FanExpo this weekend!

While I refuse to acknowledge that the summer will be ending soon and the autumn beginning, I do recognize that one of the events that marks the countdown to fall is one of my favorite comic-cons, FanExpo Canada in Toronto.  It’s our hometown crowd and we always have a blast catching up with fellow Torontonians […]

Page #1 of The Mask of Night #3

We’re quite chuffed about the next issue of THE MASK OF NIGHT, released next Wednesday (the 27th).  And in anticipation of it, here’s a side-by-side image of the final inked Page #1 by Andy Belanger and the final colored lettered page (coloured by Shari Chankhamma, lettered by Chris Mowry).  What do you think?

Mask of Night #3 is out next week (Aug 27th)!

Yes, the headline is correct… After a slate of very positive reviews for Issue #2, our third (and penultimate) issue of THE MASK OF NIGHT  is out next Wednesday (the 27th)! (And yes, it’s also an exciting day as it’s my birthday… But I digress…) Here are the two covers for the issue… Which one […]

Board game at Gen Con this weekend!

If any of you are attending Gen Con this weekend we are not… But IDW Games is!  And at the show they are demonstrating our board game for the attendees… Check out this picture of our fan Michel Villeneuve making us jealous!

“It’s a Hah-vahd bah.” Pics from Boston Comic-Con!

I got back from Boston on Sunday night after a whirlwind stop through one of my favourite cities in the U.S. This was my third time attending the Boston Comic-Con and every time I go it gets bigger and better. It was great to see so many fans from the previous shows as well as […]

Three Days in Boston (this weekend)

It’s a busy week for us with prepping the final issue of The Mask of Night (Andy Belanger’s artwork is really amazing, and the issue should really allow for colorist Shari Chankhamma to shine as well), putting together the hard cover Backstage Edition, doing some work on our upcoming Sherlock Holmes vs. Harry Houdini series, […]

Hard Cover BACKSTAGE EDITION to come in October!

We’re quite excited to announce that the long-awaited BACKSTAGE EDITION, which collects the original twelve issues of our tale, will be released in October of this year to comic book shops (and book stores)!  With a leather hard cover, annotations by some of the top Shakespeare scholars in North America, an original Kill Shakespeare story, […]