• anthony del col

    anthony del col

    anthony has worked in the music, film and television industries, produced two independent feature films and most recently assisted with the management of international pop star nelly furtado and her world tour.

  • conor mccreery

    conor mccreery

    conor has served in both creative and business positions for film and television companies, contributed over 1,000 stories and articles for media outlets and also provided expert analysis for canada's business news network.

  • andy b.

    andy b.

    andy works out of the toronto-based royal academy of illustration & design and has done work for comic book publishers d.c. wildstorm, devil's due, and boom! he is the creator of zuda comics' "bottle of awesome".

  • ian herring

    ian herring

    ian is a recent graduate of the illustration program at canada's sheridan college. he fell into colouring when interning with andy b and ramon perez at the royal academy of illustration & design and has worked on "bottle of awesome" and "raising hell". ian lives in toronto with one cat and one roommate, both of whom yell at him.

  • kagan mcleod

    kagan mcleod
    (cover artist)

    a graduate of sheridan college's illustration program, kagan has worked for magazines, newspapers and design firms around the world including canada's national post newspaper, glamour, wired, entertainment weekly, gq, newsweek and mad. his 400-page martial arts graphic novel infinite kung fu, is scheduled for release next year. he lives in toronto with his wife, two daughters and hound dog, buddy.

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