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Wayne & Shuster: Flavius Maximum, Private Roman Eye

One of my earliest influences of Shakespeare was the great Canadian comedy duo Wayne & Shuster.  They did some great comedy bits of Shakespeare (including Shakespearean baseball).  But my favourite is “Rinse the Blood Off My Toga”, which is a private eye take on the murder of Julius Caesar.  Today, being the Ides of March, […]

Ryan Gosling learns about Kill Shakespeare

A couple of weeks ago our friend Stephen Holt, journalist and blogger (check out his excellent Oscar season analysis, Oscar Messenger) called us up and let us know about an interview that he he just finished with Ryan Gosling.  Gosling was promoting his Golden Globe-nominated film Blue Valentine and Stephen, halfway through the interview, decided […]

SDCC Day 3: An impromptu video improv…

On Friday evening at Comic-Con we dined with John Hogan and Carol Fitzgerald of and… The evening started out really cool as we ate at a family Italian restaurant by the name of Doppa De something (Conor made fun of the fact that all Italian sounds like that).  We dined with great people […]

SDCC Day 2: Chillin’ on a yacht…

We spent a bit of the afternoon earlier today hangin’ on a yacht, just hanging with uber geek Jeff Katz from and a host of others.  We talked about Comic-Con, comic books, film, business, rock and roll, and everything else.  Jeff is a great guy and tells it like it is – very refreshing […]

Kill Shakespeare in One Minute!

This has definitely made my week! A would web guru by the name of Shea at has put together a one-minute video of the first issue of Kill Shakespeare #1.  It’s absolutely fantastic!  I love it – a nice combo of summary, synopsis and humour (as well as a Shakespeare quote or two). I […]

Conor at the Silver Snail

Last November we took a stroll by the Silver Snail in downtown Toronto, Canada, to film a clip for our website.  In this clip Conor talks about his love of comic books and the influences behind the Kill Shakespeare series. Conor used to work at the Silver Snail a number of years ago and it […]

Our editor doubles as PR rep

Just found an online video interview with our editor at IDW Publishing, Tom Waltz.  It’s a brief clip in which he’s asked about the upcoming series “Kill Shakespeare”… I unfortunately can’t imbed the video file onto this site but you can check out the video by clicking on the Comics Continuum logo…