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Great unboxing video for our Kill Shakespeare board game

Board game specialist has just posed an unboxing video for our Kill Shakespeare board game, coming out this month! Take a look (and try to resist admitting that his assistants are the cutest of all-time!).  

Anthony talks Oscars!

With the ending of the Toronto International Film Festival, Oscar season is in full-swing!  A big area of interest for me is the annual Oscar race and I’ve done interviews on a number of media shows to discuss the politics and campaigning around this season. One show I’ve been on a number of times is […]

Librarians, here we come!

One of the more unique – and enjoyable – conferences I attended last year was the American Library Association Annual Conference (held in Anaheim last June).  It’s a huge smorgasbord of some of the most influential readers and people in the publishing industry – the librarians! I’m excited to attend this year’s Annual Conference again, […]

Conor on stage with Neil Gaiman (Video)

As mentioned last weekend I had an amazing time out in Orlando where I got to be part of the International Association for the Fantastic Arts’ annual conference. One of the real treats was getting to be IN a play with Neil Gaiman. The play was called “The Sum of Your Experience” and the lovely […]

Trailer for The Tide of Blood released!

With the launch of the Kill Shakespeare: The Tide of Blood in just under two weeks (February 20th!) we’re quite happy to release our official teaser trailer. Designed by young filmmaker Adrien Benson, and produced by our amazing marketing intern Keith Morris, the trailer is a nice teaser of the journey that our characters embark […]

Favourite Films of 2012

Conor and I were asked this week to appear on Global TV’s The Morning Show to talk about our favourite (and least-favourite) films of 2012.  Joining us was the uber-astute moviegoer Daniel Reynolds (a really great guy – and very smart viewer) in a roundtable format. Our picks?  You can check out the clip below […]

Anthony and Andy discuss The Tide of Blood (video)

Here is a video taken of Andy and I at New York Comic-Con in October where we discuss the new series arc, THE TIDE OF BLOOD…

Andy and Conor talk comics, stage at NYCC (video)

Here is a video from Newsarama (taped at New York Comic-Con last month) that features Andy and Conor talking about the new comic series, the stage show, left-column readers, and most importantly… side boob…

A fan has fun going through Kill Shakespeare in this video

Shea, a voracious comic book reader, has done a number of extensive reviews of books over the last few years.  She recently stepped up and did a full review (and full synopsis of Kill Shakespeare) on her website video section, Spoilerific!. SPOILER ALERT! Shea goes through the entire comic book story here so if you […]

Anthony Interviewed at ALA

Here is an interview that I did with the fun Kat Kan for the American Library Association while in Anaheim this past weekend… I talk about Kill Shakespeare, the genesis of the project, and thoughts on libraries (and having KS in libraries)… (I hope that sound of the baby crying/laughing in the background isn’t too […]