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Caption Contest!

Issue #4 of The Tide of Blood is being released this week (either Wednesday or Thursday, depending on your country) and in anticipation of this we are running another caption contest. Please insert a caption for the image below (one of Juliet meeting a new opponent in her quest to find Hamlet and Romeo) and […]

Preview Pages of The Tide of Blood #4

Just completed a full day of meetings and story activity here in London and head to the MCM London Expo tomorrow for the weekend… In the meantime, here are a couple preview pages of The Tide of Blood #4, to be released next week (Wed, May 29th)… As usual, all artwork is by Andy Belanger […]

Anthony in London this weekend (UK)!

I will be traveling to the home country of Mr. Shakespeare himself this week.  Departing tomorrow, I will be attending the MCM London Comic-Con this upcoming weekend (May 24 – 26) in London this weekend.  I will be in the Comics Village the entire weekend so if you – or anyone that you know – […]

Cover for Issue #4 (sneak peek)!

We’ve received word from IDW that the fourth issue of The Tide of Blood is being released next week – Wednesday, May 29th.  We’re pretty happy with the fourth issue – it takes the story in some new and cool directions.  And, of course, the artwork by Andy Belanger is amazing. We’ll be posting previews […]

Images from Ottawa

Despite a severe allergy attack and a really bad cough, I was able to take part – and quite enjoy – the Ottawa Comic-Con this past weekend.  It was only the show’s second year but it was a really big one and the organizers – the same ones who put together the Montreal Comic-Con – […]

Anthony in the (Canadian) Nation’s Capital this weekend!

After finally having a weekend off, I become a weekend warrior again this upcoming one as I attend the Ottawa Comic-Con from Fri, May 10 – 12th.  This is our first time attending the event, run by the amazing organizers of the Montreal Comic-Con, so I’m excited to see what it’s like. I will be […]

Pics from Calgary!

After five weeks straight of traveling I’m finally at home for an extended period of time… Well, until next Thursday when I head to the Ottawa Comic-Con… And I’ve just gone through the photos from Calgary (below). What a great time I had in CowTown!  Another Expo, another great time.  We sold a lot of […]

Issue #3 is released today!

The day has arrived!  Issue #3 of The Tide of Blood is in comic book shops around the world today! We’re quite excited about this issue.  The continuation of the saga of Juliet, Romeo, Hamlet, Miranda and Prospero continues in this issue and not only are we happy with the story but Andy Belanger’s artwork […]

We’re in both Calgary and Chicago this weekend!

It’s a busy weekend for all of us as we’re all at comic conventions this weekend! First off, I will be attending the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo in Western Canada this weekend.  The show runs on Fri (12 – 8), Sat (10 – 7) and Sun (10 – 5) at the BMO Centre.  The […]

First Page of Issue #3 of The Tide of Blood

Yesterday we posted the cover for The Tide of Blood #3.  Today we’re going to do something different by posting the first page of the issue – with lettering. The issue begins with a significant character (hint: his name is in the title…) in hiding as as fool at a bar.  What happens when he […]