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We never slept – well, because it was New York…

I’m back in Toronto, finally catching up on everything from this past weekend.  The New York Comic-Con was amazing – so much fun and we burst through to break our sales record – by quite a bit, actually.  We sold out of our new Volume 3 on Saturday afternoon, and Volumes 1 and 2 early […]

Good morning, Baltimore!

Last weekend I visited one of the top east coast comic-cons – the Baltimore Comic-Con!  I spent the weekend chatting with fans, signing and selling books, attending the Harvey Awards, eating crab cakes, and having a great time.  Thanks to everyone that I saw over the course of the weekend! Here are some photos from […]

Heading to Baltimore this weekend!

With Labour Day signifying the end of summer (though I’ll deny that fact until late-September at the earliest…) we are now looking ahead to a busy fall convention season (but not as busy as our spring traveling season was).  We’re still locking in dates and shows but we will have conventions for most of September […]

The Tide of Blood concludes in stores today!

We’re excited that after a small delay The Tide of Blood #5, the final issue of our mini-series, is in stores today (Wed, Aug 28th)! Let us know what you think about our final installment – we’re quite excited to see what the reaction is. We know that our editor was shocked by the conclusion […]

The team reunites at FanExpo this weekend

With our busy schedules these days, one of us having a child, and living in different cities, it’s often tough for myself, Conor and Andy to actually be in the same place at the same time.  That’s what makes this upcoming weekend’s FanExpo something for us to look forward to! Yes, all three of us […]

The Long Wait is Over – final Tide hits stores on August 28th

After what seemed like FOREVER, the final issue of Kill Shakespeare, The Tide of Blood is steaming its way from the printers in Korea to YOUR local comic book shop! (o.k., it probably isn’t STEAMING its way here, since this isn’t 1910, but “dieseling” doesn’t have the same romance now, does it?) The issue will […]

Battlin’ in Boston (pics)!

I just returned last night from a weekend excursion in Boston to attend the 2013 Boston Comic-Con and enjoy a bit of the city.  It was a really fun weekend and the show was amazing, having doubled in size from the last time I was there, back in 2011. Thanks to everyone who made it […]

Anthony is attending the Boston Comic-Con this weekend

I am heading to Boston on Friday to take part in this weekend’s Boston Comic-Con (held on Sat/3 and Sun/4 at Seaport World Trade Center.  I was originally scheduled to take part in the convention back in April but the Boston Marathon bombing and arrest of the two suspects forced Jim and the organizers to […]

Tide of Blood #5 Cover!

Though we’ve been a little more silent than usual with our blogging and updates this summer, the entire Kill Shakespeare team has been pretty busy with a number of cool things that we’ll hopefully be able to share at some point in the near future.  One of those things, though, we’re quite happy to announce […]

Photos from Afar (England, that is)!

I returned from Europe earlier this week and have been busy catching up so haven’t had a chance to get around to posting these photos until this afternoon. My trip to London, England late last month was incredible.  First off, I’m a BIG fan of the country (despite the horrible weather I always seem to […]