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Conor’s Con Pix Galore! (And an ANDY B. retrospective: “A Man and his Beard”)

The past few weeks have been a pretty busy time for the K.S. boys. You’ve seen Anthony jet off to exotic far-flung locales like… Ottawa and… Calgary… But while Anthony was enjoying the high-life, poor lil’ ol me has been stuck doing AMAZING SHOWS in Chicago and right here in Toronto — TCAF 2013. I’ve […]


Like many 10 year-olds the Toronto Comic Arts Festival is really precocious.   The show has taken on the personality of its founders Chris and Peter from The Beguiling and has come to represent the best place to go to see the edges of comics culture. If you’re the sort of person who says they don’t […]

Here come the Aussies to pillage TCAF, Viking-style!

The amazing TCAF 2012 is going to be even better than it looks! (This poster is drawn by the incomparable Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon). TCAF is always one of our favourite events in the comic’s calendar. (and if you haven’t gone before then get yourself down to the Toronto Reference Library at Bloor and […]