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A Sneak Peek of Our New Tshirts

Here is a design that will debut later this month… Do you like it?

Ye Olde Black Friday Sale!

Yes, everyone is off to the races this year for Black Friday in the U.S. (and even here in Canada more and more every year)… So in that spirit we figured we would get into the spirit by offering our ShakesGeare tshirts on sale for the holiday season! Starting today all of our tshirts purchased […]

Excitement! Electricity! Edmonton!

I attended the Edmonton Expo this past weekend and it was an amazing time!  The Edmonton Expo merged with the organizers of the Calgary Expo two years ago and this year attendance doubled so I was glad to be part of such an amazing show. Thanks to the organizer, Shane Turgeon, the artists I was […]

New ShakesGeare designs (looking for suggestions)

We have done quite well with our current line of ShakesGeare merchandise in the almost two years since we launched them.  The top-seller – by quite a bit, actually – is our Justice League of Shakespeare but the other designs have also been a hit. People have been asking for more shirts and more designs […]

Taking our act to New York next month!

Currently in the midst of a very busy September with stage shows, conventions, signings, and lots of work, we are currently prepping for our trip to New York next month to take part in this year’s New York Comic-Con (Oct 11-14, Javits Centre, New York)! We will be at the show for the fourth year […]

C2E2 Camera Connection!

I know that it’s been two weeks since C2E2 in Chicago but I’m only now getting around to posting some photos from the trip.  I apologize for this – the last two weeks have been quite busy with the Middle East Film & Comic-Con trip, then catching up on everything.  I’ll also post the Dubai […]

ShakesGeare in Australia!

Late last week I received an email from a university friend, Mo Bhamani, who now resides in Australia.  Mo, in addition to being one of the funniest guys I know, is a fan of the series and wanted to show his support from the other side of the world.  So on Australia Day (January 26th) […]

ShakesGeare Available Online!

I hope that everyone had a great few days of holidays and are still in relaxation mode.  And hey, I wouldn’t be a good promoter if I didn’t remind everyone that with that holiday money you got under the tree you can purchase t-shirts from our ShakesGeare lineup! Click on the image above to check […]

Merchandise now available online!

After receiving many requests over the last couple of months, we have now answered… Our ShakesGeare merchandise is now available online! These t-shirts have been available at comic conventions over the last couple of months but we are now super-excited to have them available for purchase – just in time for Christmas!  You can access […]