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Assassin’s Creed Released to Great Acclaim!

Thanks SO MUCH to everyone in the last week that has purchased, read, reviewed, enjoyed, commented on ASSASSIN’S CREED #1, released last Wednesday. We were so happy to hear about how great the pre-orders were and the early reviews. Some reviews are here, here and here. We, along with Ubisoft and Titan Comics are thrilled […]

Issue #3 is released today!

The day has arrived!  Issue #3 of The Tide of Blood is in comic book shops around the world today! We’re quite excited about this issue.  The continuation of the saga of Juliet, Romeo, Hamlet, Miranda and Prospero continues in this issue and not only are we happy with the story but Andy Belanger’s artwork […]

First full review is a positive one!

The first review is in… and it’s a positive one!  The comics blog Part-Time Fanboy, overseen by a former Aint It Cool News reviewer, posted a review of the first issue of The Tide of Blood earlier this week and praises it for how we’ve been able to take our characters in new directions.  What […]

Issue #1 of Tide of Blood has very early positive review!

We were able to get a very early sneak preview of our Issue #1 of The Tide of Blood series to the folks at Diamond’s Previews World magazine a couple weeks ago… and they liked it so much that they named it a Staff Pick for the month of February! Kate Henning writes: “If you’re […]

A fan has fun going through Kill Shakespeare in this video

Shea, a voracious comic book reader, has done a number of extensive reviews of books over the last few years.  She recently stepped up and did a full review (and full synopsis of Kill Shakespeare) on her website video section, Spoilerific!. SPOILER ALERT! Shea goes through the entire comic book story here so if you […]

AintItCool News @$$IE Awards: Best Writer!

We’ve received a number of positive reviews for our series on AintItCool News, which is still one of the top comic review websites.  But yesterday we received a further plaudit from them: Conor and I were listed as one of the top comic writers of 2011 in their 8th annual @$$ie Awards! It’s a very […]

What’s the best beer to drink while reading Kill Shakespeare?

It’s generally not my policy to post every review we find on Kill Shakespeare – there simply wouldn’t be enough space and time for me to post everything.  However, there was one posted yesterday that I thought quite funny… The great iFanboy site has a regular column called Comic Shots.  They describe is as such: […]

Help Review us on Amazon!

Have you heard either of our first two graphic novels?  Did you like either of them ?  Did you not like them?  (If you didn’t, I’m not really sure why you’re checking out this site…)  In either case, we’d like to request your help and help post a review on! It’s quite simple – […]

All positive reviews for Issue #11 (round-up)

With the launch of our 11th issue came a wide range of reviews for the issue.  And we’re happy to see that they are all quite positive – and all look forward to the release of final issue in July! Starting off, we received a review by David Pepose at Newsarama (click on the image […]

Another great Aint It Cool News review!

Earlier this week comics reviewer Liz Reblin from Aint It Cool News wrote up a review of Issue #9.  Lyz had listed IDW Publishing as her favourite publisher of the year and also stated that she was looking forward to reading through Kill Shakespeare.  We were able to make copies available to her – and […]