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Two books released next Wednesday (October 1st)!

Well, when it rains, it pours… Next week is going to be a busy one for us as we are releasing on Wed, Oct 1st not one but TWO comic book issues on the same day! First off, we are releasing the fourth and final issue of our latest Kill Shakespeare mini-series, THE MASK OF […]

Toronto Launch Event this Wednesday!

Now that we’re back from L.A. Conor and I will be returning to our old stompin’ ground of Toronto’s Paradise Comics this Wednesday (the 26th) for a signing of the first issue of our new series, THE MASK OF NIGHT!  It’s where we have our first signing of our original series, as well as our […]

Pre-Order Your Copy of The Mask of Night #1!

We’re two months away from the release of the first issue of our new mini-series The Mask of Night, and that means… It’s now available in Previews magazine at comic book shops for pre-ordering! If you’re super-excited about the new mini-series please head to a comic book shop (you can find your closest one here) […]

Photos from Afar (England, that is)!

I returned from Europe earlier this week and have been busy catching up so haven’t had a chance to get around to posting these photos until this afternoon. My trip to London, England late last month was incredible.  First off, I’m a BIG fan of the country (despite the horrible weather I always seem to […]

Silver Snail Signing Photos

This past Saturday (the 23rd) Conor and I celebrated the release of The Tide of Blood #1 with a signing at Toronto’s Silver Snail Comics. It was our first signing at their new location and it was a fantastically fun time for all of us! Joining us on this adventure was Maya Nord, who illustrated […]

Release Day Signing at Paradise Comics (Photos)

Back on April 14, 2010 the very first issue of Kill Shakespeare was launched (boy, that seems like such a long time ago…) and on that very day we did a signing at Toronto’s Paradise Comics.  To see a couple photos from that day you can click here. With the release of our new series […]

Happy Birthday to The Beguiling!

We have been blessed to have gotten to know a lot of retailers and their stores over the last couple of years and it’s one of the best parts of the job.  Retailers often put their entire lives into their stores and are the culture makers/influencers/purveyors of what is good in the comics industry. One […]

Recommended comic: Conan The Barbarian

This past Saturday Conor and I swung by Paradise Comics in mid-town Toronto to visit the signing by acclaimed artist Becky Cloonan of the first issue of her run on Dark Horse Comics’ Conan the Barbarian: Queen of the Black Coast.  Becky is a good friend of ours – and especially artist Andy Belanger – […]

Congrats to Toronto’s newest Comic Book Store!

These days it seems as though many comic book shops are closing down, whether it’s because owners are moving on, decreasing sales, or lower margins.  So it’s refreshing when new comic shops open up – and there’s one in our very own backyard of Toronto. Two weeks ago The Dragon Lady, a top comic shop […]

Help Review us on Amazon!

Have you heard either of our first two graphic novels?  Did you like either of them ?  Did you not like them?  (If you didn’t, I’m not really sure why you’re checking out this site…)  In either case, we’d like to request your help and help post a review on! It’s quite simple – […]