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Blogging Shakespeare!

One of the highlights of our trip to England for two weeks this month was meeting with some of the world’s top minds on Shakespeare.  One such individual is Dr. Rev. Paul Edmondson, who is currently the Head of Research and Knowledge of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.  Dr. Edmondson is also the General Editor for […]

BBC: “A Controversial New Comic”

We were profiled on BBC World Service’s The Strand yesterday.  The Strand is a daily arts and culture radio show that goes out worldwide with a HUGE listenership (is that a word?…).  It was a fun interview (conducted at the CBC studios back in December) that discusses the creation of the project, our interpretation of […]

The Canadian Nerd Card!

Conor did an interview with the League of Ordinary Gentlemen earlier this week, which was just posted today.  It’s a pretty entertaining interview with some jokes about Canadians, Mel Gibson and wrestling.  The guys had reviewed our first two issues earlier this summer.  You can listen to the interview by clicking on the link.

The future of comics and digital storytelling

Conor, Andy and I recorded a podcast this past weekend with Dimitrios and Thor from Midtown Comics, which features two great stores in the Manhattan area.  What’s fantastic is that, in a time in which many small comic book stores are closing down, Midtown is expanding and opening up a third location this fall. The […]

Our new geek friends from across the pond

Conor and I have both given interviews with the boys at GeekPlanetOnline, based in the U.K.  They’re a great group of guys and I had an interview with head geek Matt Dillon three weeks ago (you can check it out here).  Last week Conor had a three-hour interview with Matt and the rest of the […]