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Images from FanExpo

It’s been a really hectic week so I’m a little slow in posting these images… FanExpo last weekend was fantastic! It’s always great to attend the large show in your hometown (third largest in North America) and great to meet up with friends, fans and everyone in between.  This year’s show was great – sales […]

Caption Contest!

Win a Kill Shakespeare t-shirt by submitting a caption for the photo below (of Anthony being playfully attacked by young fan Mason Chantler)!  You can submit a caption here, by Tweeting to us, or on Facebook! A winner will be selected randomly later this week…

Pics from Emerald City

It’s pretty late at night and I have to get up uber-early to catch a shuttle to the airport to head back to Toronto… But wanted to relive some of my memories at this past weekend’s Emerald City Comic-Con in Seattle.  It was a great time and I enjoyed meeting everyone that came to the […]

Fuzzy Photos from Montreal

We got back in from Montreal late last night after a really great weekend.  The Comic-Con there was really good for us (we sold out of books!) but the Con overall is becoming a really strong one.  The numbers increased dramatically from last year, there was a lot of excitement, and I think it’s a […]

Advertising in Stratford!

Our good friend Steve Pigozzo, who lives in Stratford, Ontario, decided that he’d like to help advertise Kill Shakespeare so he did what he could – he painted our website onto his front porch!  Any visitors driving on Ontario Street, the major street in the city, will pass his place (it’s right by the Dairy […]

Pics from Calgary Expo

We had a simply amazing time in Calgary last year.  We’ve been to many Cons over the last two years and Calgary is definitely, if not the best, then right up there.  We organizers were absolutely fantastic, the crowds amazing, and people were super-excited to see us there.  So much so, in fact, that sold […]

Toronto Fan Appreciation Comic-Con

This past weekend we took part in the Toronto Fan Appreciation Comic-Con.  It was a two-day affair at the Metro Convention Centre and, though not as big as some other cons in the city, was a great event for us.  We had a number of fans and readers visit us, sold a number of books, […]

The South Street of Philadelphia

Conor, Andy and I returned to Toronto at about 6:30am this morning after driving through the night from Philadelphia.  We’ve already posted a number of entries and photos from our stay in New York but Philly found us at some great places and meeting some cool people. One of the reasons we ventured out to […]

More Photos from the Gallery

For those of you who couldn’t make it we continue our photo essay from the gallery show we had here in NY at the Chair and the Maiden gallery. These photos were taken by the lovely and talented George Goss, a local photo-journalist who just so happened to be covering another event down the road. […]

What should the caption be?

This is one of the funniest photos I’ve ever taken… I hope that you agree.  But we’re having problems – we’d like to come up with the best caption possible.  We are now holding a Caption Contest – submit your ideas for the caption for this photo and you can win an autographed copy of […]