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New York – A Hell of a Town!

Well, what has quickly become the busiest convention of the year for us has just ended… The New York Comic-Con! Some reports indicate that the show is now bigger than San Diego in terms of attendance; I don’t know if this is the case but I do know that it’s a really big show. We […]

Pictures from that most latin of North American cities. The one that never sleeps – the one that starts with an “M”

… Montreal.   I know, I know that I just got back from Miami and you want photos of Manatees and Martinis, but some of you have been bugging me for awhile about La Belle Province. “Conor,” you say, “Where are all those photos you promised from Montreal? You took like a dozen of you and […]

Swimming with fun at Lakes!

I’ve forgotten how much of British culture revolves around the pubs…  I’m currently sitting in the only place with WiFi in Kendal city centre, a pub where I’m picking up northern British slang indirectly… I just finished the Lakes International Comic Arts Festival earlier today.  The first (hopefully annual), it was a fun event in […]

We never slept – well, because it was New York…

I’m back in Toronto, finally catching up on everything from this past weekend.  The New York Comic-Con was amazing – so much fun and we burst through to break our sales record – by quite a bit, actually.  We sold out of our new Volume 3 on Saturday afternoon, and Volumes 1 and 2 early […]

Battlin’ in Boston (pics)!

I just returned last night from a weekend excursion in Boston to attend the 2013 Boston Comic-Con and enjoy a bit of the city.  It was a really fun weekend and the show was amazing, having doubled in size from the last time I was there, back in 2011. Thanks to everyone who made it […]

Pics from Calgary!

After five weeks straight of traveling I’m finally at home for an extended period of time… Well, until next Thursday when I head to the Ottawa Comic-Con… And I’ve just gone through the photos from Calgary (below). What a great time I had in CowTown!  Another Expo, another great time.  We sold a lot of […]

Photos from Toronto Comic-Con

This past weekend Conor and I took part in Toronto Comic-Con (formerly known as Toronto Fan Appreciation, I believe).  Held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, it was much bigger than the usual spring show mainly because it was attended by most of the main cast from Star Trek: The Next Generation.  Alas, we did […]

Attacked at Guelph’s The Dragon!

Andy and I, along with the uber-talented and amazing Becky Cloonan, headed to Guelph this past weekend to do a signing at The Dragon, the Eisner Award-winning comics retailer.  It was a fun afternoon that involved visits from family members, theft of Eisner Awards, employee Tyler Jirik receiving a raise and then being fired and […]

Photos from Montreal Comic-Con

I’m a little late in posting these but here are some photos from the Montreal Comic-Con (Sept 14-16).  It was a great weekend where we sold a lot of books, put on a standing-room only workshop (How to Create and Market Your Indie Comic), had an amazing Live Stage Reading (packed crowd), ate some good […]

Montreal Comic-Con – and Live Stage Reading – was amazing!

I got back from Montreal yesterday evening and am still catching up on emails and correspondence but wanted to post a quick update from this past weekend.  The entire weekend was a success for us and it’s our second consecutive great show in Montreal. Lots of new readers, lots of returning readers, and lots of […]