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We are very happy to announce that we have formed a partnership with Toronto’s Young Centre for the Performing Arts to present a Live Stage Reading of Kill Shakespeare! On Sat, Nov 26th (8pm) and Sun, Nov 27th (4:15pm) we will be presenting a live stage reading of our epic story, which will combine comic […]

Empire State of Mind this weekend!

Conor, Andy and I will be attending the New York Comic-Con this upcoming weekend to do some signings and check out some cool new stuff in the comic and pop culture world.  It’ll be great to be there again – it was at least year’s event (in February, 2009) that Conor and I first pitched […]

The Shakespearean Social Network

I was reading another rave review of The Social Network, this time on  The film is garnering fantastic reviews and I’d like to state that it’s one of the best film marketing campaigns I’ve seen.  Everything – from the haunting trailer to the posters.. Great work. The Hollywood Reporter uses this expression: “The Social […]

Kill Shakespeare in San Diego!

Conor, Andy and I are heading out tomorrow (Tuesday) to head to San Diego for the annual pop culture smorgasbord, San Diego International Comic-Con!  We’re excited as this year we’ll be there to further promote our series and get people excited about it. If you’re in San Diego feel free to stop by our booth […]

Profile: Jason Chan & Spencer Rysdale

Last week I introduced some of the key members of our team – our PR reps from MDG & Associates and Smith Publicity.  This week I wanted to shine a spotlight on two individuals that have made just as big an impact on the early success of Kill Shakespeare – our two marketing interns, Jason […]

One of our first (and biggest) international fans

Conor and I received a fantastic email earlier this week from Deborah Altenbeck, a current English and Art student from the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany.  Deborah had found out about Kill Shakespeare through an online search and wanted to find out more about the project. Deborah is currently working on a paper about the […]

All the world’s a stage…

Oh, the things you’ll do to get people excited about your story… Earlier this week Conor and I were sitting down with an individual interested in helping us out with promoting our comic book series.  We did the meet-and-greet and then he offhandedly joked about the fact that he thought we would perform some of […]

Going Postal…

The past week has been spent sending out our first wave of marketing materials to comic book retailers.  Conor and I mailed out letters to 390 U.S. retail stores last week and are sending out more in the next 24 hours. Will it work?  Well, earlier today we received a great email from Ralph DiBernardo […]

The Long Road to Retailers…

This week we are prepping our direct marketing campaign to North American comic book retailers.  As a new title with upcoming talent it’s crucial to spread the word and we’ve devised a pretty cool campaign to make as many retailers aware of us and Kill Shakespeare as possible. Two excellent young interns have started to […]