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Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks in the Windy City

After a great weekend at WonderCon (more on that in the next day or two – with photos!) Conor and I have returned to Toronto for a brief stopover before heading out this weekend.  While Conor heads to Calgary (he’ll post more on that) I’m heading to Chicago to take part in what has quickly […]

WonderCon here we come!

I believe that I’ve written this before but WonderCon has a very special place in my heart.  Back four years ago it was at this show (in San Francisco) that we officially launched Kill Shakespeare – doing some signings, meeting with media, and sitting on a panel. Four years, three volumes (with a fourth on […]

Pre-Order Your Copy of The Mask of Night #1!

We’re two months away from the release of the first issue of our new mini-series The Mask of Night, and that means… It’s now available in Previews magazine at comic book shops for pre-ordering! If you’re super-excited about the new mini-series please head to a comic book shop (you can find your closest one here) […]

Hamlet embarks to the Emerald City!

I returned from attending the Emerald City Comic-Con Monday night but have been swamped with work and a major IT issue the last two days. So I’m only now posting these pics and update. Emerald City this year was one of my favourite shows to attend from two years ago and returning (Conor attended last […]

Kill Shakespeare en route to Emerald City!

It’s been pretty busy here on my end, with writing deadlines on the new Kill Shakespeare: The Mask of Night comic series arc, work on the board game, other Kill Shakespeare projects (to be announced later this year) and some other new stuff (including a big personal event).  But as the weather starts to get […]

Uncertain Life and Sure Death

As the Ides of March approaches I’m kind of pondering that whole: “my thoughts be bloody or nothing worth” dilemma that Hamlet wrestles with. I mean, on one hand, murder is awful, bad, and often really messy – even if you’ve already covered the bathroom floor with a tarp and have the hack-saw and bag […]

Beware the Ides of March!

We now have just five days left on our Kickstarter campaign.  And yes, the campaign ends on Saturday, March 15th, otherwise known to Shakespeare fans as…  The Ides of March!  This is your last opportunity to pre-order your copy of the game at a discount and, in the process, allow us to add extra features […]

Our New York debut is tonight!

For those that have missed it, our New York stage show debut occurs tonight!  Gideon Productions is mounting our Kill Shakespeare: Live Graphic Novel at HERE for five nights beginning this evening.  More about the event and tickets can be found here. Break a leg, everyone!  Lookin’ forward to hearing how it went!

Kickstarter: We’re funded! But there is more to be revealed!

Late yesterday afternoon we received a great piece of news – our Kill Shakespeare board game Kickstarter campaign has hit the funding goal of $25,000.  THANKS SO MUCH to all of you that pre-ordered copies of the game, art, or anything else.  We’re extremely excited and happy about this – but we have plans for […]

Pre-Order a Copy of our Board Game on Kickstarter!

Today is a big day.  Launching just a few hours ago was a Kickstarter campaign for pre-sales and purchase of additional items and features for our forthcoming Kill Shakespeare Board Game. IDW Games, with Nate Murray and Jerry Bennington running point, has done a strong job putting the game together and now this campaign is […]