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Issue #9 Cover Art!

After a near two-month space between issues, we are really happy that Issue #9 will be released next week – Wednesday, February 23rd.  In addition to continuing upon the final-page meeting with a once-thought-dead Romeo, it will also feature the first appearance of… William Shakespeare! Here is the cover art for the issue – a […]

Nominated for a Joe Shuster Award!

Fresh Off the Presses! It was announced earlier today that Conor and I have been nominated for a Joe Shuster Award in the category of Outstanding Comic Book Writer(s)!  The Shusters are the Canadian comic book creator awards.  We are very happy for the nomination, especially since we’re in the same category as great pros […]

Issue #8 Cover Art

Cover artist Kagan McLeod has again worked wonders on our series with the cover art for Issue #8.  Due in stores December 22nd, it’s a great cover and really captures the mood of the piece with Hamlet staring down from a balcony, unsure of what is below… Click on the image to access the hi-res […]

Issue #7 Cover

Issue #7 hits the comic stands this week (a week earlier than we thought, so it was a surprise to us…).  We’ll be posting some of the early reviews in the next day or two but they are very, very strong!  I’ll be posting some of the artwork from the issue later today but wanted […]

More Photos from the Gallery

For those of you who couldn’t make it we continue our photo essay from the gallery show we had here in NY at the Chair and the Maiden gallery. These photos were taken by the lovely and talented George Goss, a local photo-journalist who just so happened to be covering another event down the road. […]

Toronto Launch Party!

As we prepare to head out to New York later this week for our gallery show and a couple signings, we are also prepping for the launch of the trade paperback here in our hometown of Toronto.  To celebrate everything that we’ve been able to accomplish, and to thank all of those that have assisted […]

The Art of Kill Shakespeare in New York!

Officially announced today via press releases is our art show in New York beginning just over a week from today.  Running from November 5th – 9th at Chair and the Maiden in New York is The Art of Kill Shakespeare, an exhibition of the work by Andy Belanger and Kagan McLeod for our series. You […]

Issue #6 Cover Released!

Issue #6 of our series, “Lend Me Your Ears”, is released later this month (Wed, Oct 27th).  In anticipation of this, we are releasing the official cover image for the issue done by, of course, Kagan McLeod.  Kagan’s put together some great covers but I personally think that this is one of the best, if […]

Issue #5 Cover – Hamlet is Lost!

With Issue #4 successfully in comic book stores at the moment, we’d like to take a look ahead at our upcoming issue.  Kill Shakespeare 5: O Coward Conscience is a great issue with some fantastic artwork (which we will be profiling in the coming two weeks).  For the moment, here is the cover of Issue […]

Issue #4 Cover Art – Enter Juliet. Enter Othello.

We are a week away from the release of Kill Shakespeare #4 (release date is Wednesday, August 4th) and we are excited to see what the reaction of readers will be to our interpretation of Juliet.  She makes a great appearance in this issue – as does Othello.  This issue is filled to the brim […]