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Glimpses of Windsor

This past Thursday and Friday I have the pleasure of visiting Windsor, ON to take part in BookFest Windsor.  Conor and I attended last year and enjoyed it so much that we were quite happy to be able to return.  Unfortunately, Conor was in Halifax for Hal-Con but I was able to visit – and […]

Anthony and Kagan appear at BookFest Windsor this Thursday

Conor and I attended last year’s BookFest Windsor event and quite enjoyed it and we were thrilled to be asked to return again this year.  Conor will be in Halifax for Hal-Con and a one-week engagement of our stage show but I will be able to return to Windsor this year to take part. And […]

Happy Birthday to Kagan!

Today is cover artist Kagan McLeod‘s birthday. For those that don’t know, Kagan is one of the top illustrators in North America and in addition to doing the covers for Kill Shakespeare also works for publications like The National Post, Entertainment Weekly, GQ, Men’s Health and a wide range of others. Kagan will be appearing […]

Fight the Bear in Toronto!

Off the heels of a very successful Baltimore Comic-Con, we will be appearing at this upcoming weekend’s FanExpo Canada.  We had a great time last year and this year should be even better!  We will be selling our trade, our issues (including the just-released Issue #12), original artwork, and our new ShakesGeare merchandise (photos to […]

Cover Art for Issue #12

Our twelfth (and final for our current run) issue will be released in just over a week-and-a-half, August 17th.  In anticipation of this, we will be releasing artwork from the issue leading up to it. Today we feature the two covers for Issue #12.  Cover A is a fantastic image of Shakespeare wielding the magical […]

Andy and Kagan at Comic-Con!

The pop culture smorgasbord known as the Comic-Con International begins this evening and goes through until Sunday in sunny San Diego.  While Conor and I stay behind to take care of some script writing duties, Kill Shakespeare artists Andy Belanger and Kagan McLeod will both be at the Con and representing our series throughout! Andy […]

Issue #11 Covers

Our Issue #11 is being released next week (Wednesday, May 25th) and in anticipation of this, we will be releasing images from the issue over the next week… First off, let’s take a look at the two covers for this issue. The first is another fantastic cover by our artist Kagan McLeod, who had fun […]

Issue #10 Cover

Issue #10 is being released next week (Wed, Apr 20th) to commemorate the birth/death anniversary of Mr. Shakespeare.  He died on his birthday, April 23rd… Amazing, isn’t it? This issue is a riveting one with lots of drama, epic battles and the death of a major character.  The cover, created by Kagan McLeod, reflects this.  […]


While most of the Kill Shakespeare team are money-grubbing, attention seeking whores gentlemen, one member of our team toils away quietly alone in a tiny little room -  he comes up neither for food nor water and is suckled only by the milk of his own artistic merits… Yes, Kagan Mcelod is one odd dude… […]

Kill Shakespeare wants you to get your first break in comics!

Anthony and I are often a little humbled by how friendly the comic world has been to us – two neophytes. Whether it’s the incomparable Arvid Nelson giving us story tips, the brilliant Mike Carey, John Layman or Bryan Glass writing us great blurbs or Ty Templeton and Darwyn Cooke serving as mentors we have […]