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It’s contest time! With Kill Shakespeare – Past is Prologue: Juliet #1 just a week away (WEDNESDAY, APRIL 5th), it’s time to do some fun things to get us all ready for the latest chapter in our tale. Below is a panel from issue #1 of Juliet. Send us your best caption for it and […]

Sneak Peek at NEW PAGES!

As some of you have seen, Kill Shakespeare is coming back to the page. We’re working on our fifth book, “Juliet” which is going to take a step back from the main story to show you how Juliet started on the path towards becoming Prodigal leader. Set just a a few months after the end […]

Issue #4 Cover Art – Enter Juliet. Enter Othello.

We are a week away from the release of Kill Shakespeare #4 (release date is Wednesday, August 4th) and we are excited to see what the reaction of readers will be to our interpretation of Juliet.  She makes a great appearance in this issue – as does Othello.  This issue is filled to the brim […]