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Photos from Dubai!

I apologize that these photos are so late – I had hoped to post them earlier this week but things have been quite busy with creative work  as well as preparation for our U.K. trip (we head out on Tuesday for two weeks of conventions, signings, meetings, and inspiration in the home of Shakespeare!). I’ve […]

Truck Problems

We’ve just heard from our publisher, IDW Publishing.  Apparently the truck from our distribution company, Diamond Book Distributors, broke down so all of their titles this week are delayed until next. Again, sorry for an inconvenience in not getting our issue out onto the stands today.

Issue #12 Release – Next Week (Aug 24th)

We have just discovered that our Issue #12, originally scheduled for release today, will not be out until next week (Wed, Aug 24th).  We apologize for this confusion.  We’re not sure what the problem is an are investigating. In advance of this, today ran a preview of the first eight pages of the issue.  […]

Issue #12 released August 17th!

We’ve had a number of people inquire about the release date of our final issue, #12. The original release date was to be yesterday (July 27th) but due to some problems beyond our control the release date has been pushed to August 17th. We apologize to anyone – readers, fans, retailers – that were expecting […]

Issue #12 is off to the presses!

Just a couple of hours ago we officially signed off on the twelfth issue of our series.  Yes, Issue #12.  Our final one.  It’s off to those magical people in Korea who will now put the issue together for us and ship it out later this month for arrival in comic book stores in the […]

We’re nominated for a Harvey Award!

Just released today is the nominees list for the 2011 Harvey Awards, which celebrate outstanding work in comics and sequential art and are voted on by industry professionals.  And we are nominated!  We are up for BEST NEW SERIES. Click on the Harvey Awards logo above to see the full list of nominees. The awards […]

Issue #11 is released!

Our penultimate Issue #11 (Once More Unto the Breach) is released today in comic book stores in North America (the UK and foreign locales will get their copies tomorrow)! We’re really happy with this issue as is really drives the story forward towards our final issue (of this arc), which will be released in late […]

Second printing!

We have been contacted by a number of retail stores (comic book stores, independent book stores, specialty theatre shops, etc.) over the last two months, telling us that they are out of stock of our graphic novel and would like to re-order copies for customers that have been looking to buy copies.  Their orders were […]

Reprint of Issue #1!

We had many people last spring/summer approach us about purchasing the first issue of Kill Shakespeare as soon as the first two issues were sold out.  There was a lot of demand and a lot of disappointment with IDW was unable to do a reprint.  However, that is no longer – next Wednesday (the 16th) […]

Sold Out!

We were informed yesterday by our publisher IDW Publishing that the first two issues of Kill Shakespeare are now sold out!  What this means is that there are still copies available in stores but the back-stock is now depleted!  Not bad for a new title.  Thanks to everyone that has purchased copies and also those […]