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You’re Invited!

Alright you guys, it’s time to come out and celebrate with us! The K.S. Board Game is FINALLY out and has been delivered to almost all of our Kickstarter supporters as well as to game shops across North America. We’re patting ourselves on the back and throwing a launch party with the help of the […]

We Did It!

Well the dust has settled and the final numbers have been tallied and people, we ROCKED this little thing called Kickstarter! We ended up raising $38,585 dollars — that’s 154% MORE than our original goal. Because of you guys and your support, both in pledging, but just as importantly in spreading the word, we ended […]

Uncertain Life and Sure Death

As the Ides of March approaches I’m kind of pondering that whole: “my thoughts be bloody or nothing worth” dilemma that Hamlet wrestles with. I mean, on one hand, murder is awful, bad, and often really messy – even if you’ve already covered the bathroom floor with a tarp and have the hack-saw and bag […]

It’s Official! A Brand New Mini-series Is On Its way!

It’s official!  Hamlet, Juliet, Shakespeare and our characters are coming back for more! IDW Publishing has officially announced this morning the release of Kill Shakespeare: The Mask of Night.  Set to launch in June of this year, it is a four-issue series that continues our adventures but also allows us to introduce some new players […]

Sneak peak at gameplay!

I hope that everyone had a fantastic holiday season and a great New Year’s celebration!  Here’s to an amazing 2014! We will have a few interesting new items in the first half of this year but perhaps the most exciting one will be the Kill Shakespeare board game in May/June of this year.  We will […]

It’s Official: Kill Shakespeare board game to be released in 2014!

We are proud to announce that we have signed a deal with the newly-formed IDW Games and Pandasaurus Games to develop a Kill Shakespeare board game, which is slated for release in late-spring 2014! IDW approached us a few months ago with the idea of our title being one of the first board games under […]

The Long Wait is Over – final Tide hits stores on August 28th

After what seemed like FOREVER, the final issue of Kill Shakespeare, The Tide of Blood is steaming its way from the printers in Korea to YOUR local comic book shop! (o.k., it probably isn’t STEAMING its way here, since this isn’t 1910, but “dieseling” doesn’t have the same romance now, does it?) The issue will […]

The Tide of Blood Issue #1 now available for pre-order!

Now that December is here it is now time for comic shop retailers to order their stock for the month of February, 2013.  And what specific comic title is being released in February?  Kill Shakespeare: The Tide of Blood, of course! For those that don’t know, comic retailers place all of their orders through Diamond […]

Official IDW Announcement of new Kill Shakespeare Series!

Hot off the Presses! Award-winning comic Mash-up Kill Shakespeare Returns to IDW with New Limited Series Thursday, Oct 11th, 2012 San Diego, CA (October 11, 2012) – IDW Publishing is proud to announce the return of the acclaimed comic series Kill Shakespeare to comic shelves! The first issue of the new five-issue limited series, entitled […]

Andy will be at Comic-Con this week!

This year’s version of Comic-Con starts this week (from Wednesday night – Sunday evening), the world’s largest pop culture convention.  It’s the mecca for all things geek and cool these days and the convention centre in San Diego will be filled to the brim with the latest in film, comics, television, video games, anime, manga […]