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Making Oscar predictions

One of our most loyal – and most fun – journalists that we’ve done interviews with is Stephen Holt, the New York-based Oscar pundist.  I always try to do an interview or two with Stephen in the midst of the Toronto Film Festival and Stephen has now become a regular at the New York Comic-Con. […]

Conor and Anthony analyzing this summer’s comic book films

Conor and I appeared this morning on Global TV’s The Morning Show, one of Canada’s top AM talk shows. We were there again in our role of “pop culture vultures” to analyze and discuss the upcoming summer film season and focus on some of the comic book adaptations being released.  This is our third time […]

IFC says “Adapt Kill Shakespeare!”

As Conor and I are deeply immersed in the screenwriting of the film version of Kill Shakespeare, it’s always great when independent sources (fans, readers, media) talk to us about adapting our project for the screen.  It’s great to talk about casting possibilities, changes to the story, the hard process of adapting your own work, […]

We are Sundance Kids forever

Conor and I returned to Toronto just over a week ago after taking part in the first ever Sundance Institute New Frontier Story Lab.  In the past week I’ve been able to reflect upon my time at the lab, go through the notes I’ve taken, look through the photos, and I still can’t believe how […]

Kill Shakespeare Heads to Sundance

We can now officially announce this bit of news… Conor and I have been selected to take part in the prestigious Sundance Institute’s New Frontiers Storytelling Lab!  The lab, taking place later this month (Oct 23 – 28th), in Park City, UT, will allow us to develop Kill Shakespeare into other mediums, namely film, video […]

Ryan Gosling learns about Kill Shakespeare

A couple of weeks ago our friend Stephen Holt, journalist and blogger (check out his excellent Oscar season analysis, Oscar Messenger) called us up and let us know about an interview that he he just finished with Ryan Gosling.  Gosling was promoting his Golden Globe-nominated film Blue Valentine and Stephen, halfway through the interview, decided […]

Our newest fan: Stephen Holt!

Two weeks ago at the Pitch This! event at the Toronto Film Festival we met Stephen Holt, a New York journalist and television host who saw our pitch and ran up to us afterwards, raving about the idea and insisting that we would win.  Well, Stephen was right and we did indeed win!  And we […]

The Shakespearean Social Network

I was reading another rave review of The Social Network, this time on  The film is garnering fantastic reviews and I’d like to state that it’s one of the best film marketing campaigns I’ve seen.  Everything – from the haunting trailer to the posters.. Great work. The Hollywood Reporter uses this expression: “The Social […]

How does one cash a novelty cheque?…

A number of people have been asking us about the novelty cheque that we received at the Pitch This! contest two days ago… Were we able to keep it?… How does one bring it home?… Can we cash it?… The answers are: 1. Yes, we were able to keep the novelty cheque.  When I won […]

“Shakespearean action flick wins Pitch This!”

Today was a HUGE day for Kill Shakespeare.  Conor and I competed in the Telefilm Canada Pitch This! contest, taking place as part of the Toronto International Film Festival.  We were one of six finalists selected to pitch a film project… and WE WON!!! You can read a great article about us in CBC by […]