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Final Round 1 Battle: LADY MACBETH vs. BEAR

Well, Friday’s match-up provided a small upset.  Juliet defeated Caliban, contrary to a lot of early tournament predictions by individuals.  She will next square off against Prospero in the semi-finals (later this week). Today is the final first round battle – and perhaps the most anticipated… Lady Macbeth vs. The Bear (from A Winter’s Tale).  […]

Shakespearean Deadliest Warrior: Juliet vs. Caliban!

Yesterday’s Round 1 challenge was a nail-biter, with an upset result.  A close battle in all format (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) found that Puck defeated Iago in a photo finish!  The mischievous fellow will square off against Hamlet in the second round match next week. For today we have our second-last Round 1 battle.  Juliet vs. […]

A tough choice: IAGO vs. PUCK

Yesterday’s challenge was not much of one for the Moor… Othello wiped the floor with Cassius, defeating him on Facebook and Twitter.  He advances to the next round to square off against Richard (that should be a good match). Today we have two of Shakespeare’s most popular characters… The grand conspirator himself, Iago, against that […]


Yesterday’s RICHARD III vs. BEATRICE battle started out as a landslide for Richard but Beatrice eventually started to garner more votes until it became pretty close… But not close enough!  Richard III lives to see another round, against the winner of today’s match-up… Othello and Cassius (from Julius Caesar)! Both are strong military men.  Can […]

Round 1: Richard III vs. Beatrice

Well, Hamlet won his match-up with Don John quite handily… Will today’s be the same? In one corner is King Richard III… In the other corner is Beatrice from Much Ado About Nothing.  He has the brawn, she has the brains… Which will win out? Vote here, on Twitter, or Facebook!

Round 1: Hamlet and Don John

Well, we had a small upset in Friday’s showdown… Despite the predictions by many that Coriolanus would cruise to a victory and, in fact, possibly go all the way, the general was bested by that old fool, Falstaff.  It was a very close battle and the fool won by one vote. Continuing first round action, […]

Round 1: Falstaff vs. Coriolanus

After a great kick-off to our SHAKESPEAREAN DEADLIEST WARRIOR tournament yesterday, we are happy to reveal that the winner of the Prospero/Tamora showdown, by quite  a landslide, was… Prospero!  He now moves on to square off against the winner of the… And in today’s match-up, we find the following – a fool and a general.  […]


Our first match-up features… You can vote on who you think would/should win a battle between these two (don’t forget to include not only strength but wit, cunning, strategy, etc.) You can vote on this website by placing a comment below, our Facebook page, or reaching out to us on Twitter… Cast your vote today […]

Deadliest Warrior Brackets!

Thanks to everyone who suggested characters to enter into our SHAKESPEAREAN DEADLIEST WARRIOR tournament.  We have a great number of suggestions via our Facebook and Twitter accounts.  There were some great suggestions over a wide spectrum – everything from Prospero and Titus to Ariel and the Bear from A Midwinter’s Tale (spoiler alert: the Bear […]

Who is your favourite Shakespeare character?

Announced last week, we will be running a SHAKESPEAREAN DEADLIEST WARRIOR beginning later this week which will pit some of the Bard’s top characters in a tournament to figure out who is the most popular.  Voting will be done by our fans and followers on this website, Twitter and Facebook. We have already placed HAMLET, […]