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And the Deadliest Shakespearean Warrior is…

PROSPERO! After a month of voting through four rounds (starting off with sixteen Shakespearean characters), late last week the wizard Prospero bested the mischievous faerie Puck to win our first DEADLIEST SHAKESPEAREAN WARRIOR contest. It was a great tournament with a great number of people chiming in and debating on Facebook, Twitter and online.  Thanks […]

Deadliest Shakespearean Warrior: Finals!

And with the holiday season completed we are now back… for the finals of the Shakespearean Deadliest Warrior contest! The semis were quite tough and an upset took place in the final match-up.  Most oddsmakers and bookies had the Bear (from Winter’s Tale) taking its square-off against Puck… but the faerie won with a decent […]

Semi-Final 2: Puck vs. Bear

And in the second semi-final matchup, we have the grand fairy of mischief himself, Puck, against the creature that knows how to make an exit… The Bear (from Winter’s Tale).  The Bear has trounced his first two rounds – does he have a chance against Puck?  Vote here, on email, Facebook or Twitter today!

Semi-Final 1: Prospero vs. Richard III

In the first of two semi-final matchups, today we have the grand old wizard Prospero squaring off against the warrior Richard III.  Who would/should win?  Vote here, over email, Twitter or Facebook.


Well, Friday’s final quarter-final matchup pitted Falstaff against The Bear (from Midwinter’s Tale).  Though the Twitter vote was neck-and-neck, the Facebook vote was overwhelming in favour of The Bear so the winner was… The Bear! The semi-finals begin tomorrow with the first of two battles – Prospero vs. Richard III!  Tuesday’s match-up will pit Puck […]

Final quarter-final matchup: FALSTAFF vs. BEAR!

Well, yesterday’s contest wasn’t really that close.  The melancholy Dane Hamlet faced off against the mischievous Puck and… Puck ran away with the public’s vote!  Some of the great replies we received were: ShakespeareGeek (Twitter): “Puck. Unless Puck poisons Gertrude first, in which case, Hamlet. ” girlsreadcomics (Twitter): “Fortinbras wins by showing up at the […]

Round 2: HAMLET vs. PUCK!

Yesterday’s battle between Juliet and Prospero was a rocking occasion, with some great anecdotes and scenarios.  Among them were: Paul Gomez (Facebook): “Juliet, because she is a wraith, due to her being dead, and a suicide at that. Wraiths are hard to kill, even if you break your staff and drown your book to work […]

Deadliest Warrior: Richard III moves on, Juliet vs. Prospero next!

The battle between Othello and Richard III tipped very heavily in the direction of R3 yesterday.  Some of the best comments: “Othello takes too much time to process and Richard is better at chess”, “Richard. He’s a ruthless mofo. Othello is a crybaby” and “The Moor has too much conscience, while Tricky Dick just has […]

Round 2: Othello vs. Richard III

Let’s get right back into the battle of things… Our debut second round matchup features two favourites from our series, Othello and Richard III.  Both are warriors that contain both brain and brawn.  Who would/should win in a battle? As always, let us know via email, this website, Facebook or Twitter.

The Bear beats the Lady… End of First Round!

Well, our final battle was also the closest of them all.  Yesterday Lady Macbeth took on The Bear (from The Winter’s Tale) and the winner was… The Bear!  So with that, the updated SHAKESPEAREAN DEADLIEST WARRIOR tournament bracket looks like this… Our first battle of the second round will commence shortly!…