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Issue #10 Cover

Issue #10 is being released next week (Wed, Apr 20th) to commemorate the birth/death anniversary of Mr. Shakespeare.  He died on his birthday, April 23rd… Amazing, isn’t it? This issue is a riveting one with lots of drama, epic battles and the death of a major character.  The cover, created by Kagan McLeod, reflects this.  […]


While most of the Kill Shakespeare team are money-grubbing, attention seeking whores gentlemen, one member of our team toils away quietly alone in a tiny little room -  he comes up neither for food nor water and is suckled only by the milk of his own artistic merits… Yes, Kagan Mcelod is one odd dude… […]

Issue 1 – Cover Art

Here is the cover art for Issue #1 (without preview blurbs).  Cover A (Kagan McLeod): Cover B (Andy Belanger): Retailer Incentive Cover (Kagan McLeod):