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Assassin’s Creed #6 Released This Week!

Sorry I’ve been so silent on this end. Things are really busy with a LOT of projects on the go, and some really cool developments and announcements coming in the near future. But let’s not get ahead of myself… I’m here to talk about Assassin’s Creed, as our title suggest. ASSASSIN’S CREED #6 is released […]

Mask of Night #3 is out next week (Aug 27th)!

Yes, the headline is correct… After a slate of very positive reviews for Issue #2, our third (and penultimate) issue of THE MASK OF NIGHT  is out next Wednesday (the 27th)! (And yes, it’s also an exciting day as it’s my birthday… But I digress…) Here are the two covers for the issue… Which one […]

Cover B of THE MASK OF NIGHT #2 Revealed!

Yesterday I posted the first cover THE MASK OF NIGHT #2. Today I’m posting the special sub-variant cover (aka really rare), created by artist J.K. Woodward for our upcoming Kill Shakespeare board game. Guilty or innocent? What says you?

Cover #2 for The Mask of Night!

Two days ago I previewed Cover A of the first issue of our new upcoming mini-series THE MASK OF NIGHT.  The reaction online was really positive – people got excited about the art (by Andy Belanger) and the series. Today I’d like to post a preview of our second cover (Cover B), this time by […]

Tide of Blood #5 Cover!

Though we’ve been a little more silent than usual with our blogging and updates this summer, the entire Kill Shakespeare team has been pretty busy with a number of cool things that we’ll hopefully be able to share at some point in the near future.  One of those things, though, we’re quite happy to announce […]

Cover for Issue #4 (sneak peek)!

We’ve received word from IDW that the fourth issue of The Tide of Blood is being released next week – Wednesday, May 29th.  We’re pretty happy with the fourth issue – it takes the story in some new and cool directions.  And, of course, the artwork by Andy Belanger is amazing. We’ll be posting previews […]

Mirrors galore! Galore Mirrors! (Issue #2 Cover)

On Friday (the Ides of March) I posted the first page of Issue #2 of The Tide of Blood.  Allow me to take a step back and feature another piece of art from the issue – the cover image! Created by Andy Belanger, it’s a cover that nicely hints at the peril that the characters […]

A preview of our Cover for Issue #1 of The Tide of Blood

We are now one month away from the release of our first issue of The Tide of Blood mini-series and we’re getting excited to get it into the hands of our fans as well as new readers.  We’re quite happy with the story – and the numerous twists and turns that it takes throughout.  Just […]

Cover Art for Issue #12

Our twelfth (and final for our current run) issue will be released in just over a week-and-a-half, August 17th.  In anticipation of this, we will be releasing artwork from the issue leading up to it. Today we feature the two covers for Issue #12.  Cover A is a fantastic image of Shakespeare wielding the magical […]

Issue #11 Covers

Our Issue #11 is being released next week (Wednesday, May 25th) and in anticipation of this, we will be releasing images from the issue over the next week… First off, let’s take a look at the two covers for this issue. The first is another fantastic cover by our artist Kagan McLeod, who had fun […]