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Hamlet embarks to the Emerald City!

I returned from attending the Emerald City Comic-Con Monday night but have been swamped with work and a major IT issue the last two days. So I’m only now posting these pics and update. Emerald City this year was one of my favourite shows to attend from two years ago and returning (Conor attended last […]

Kill Shakespeare en route to Emerald City!

It’s been pretty busy here on my end, with writing deadlines on the new Kill Shakespeare: The Mask of Night comic series arc, work on the board game, other Kill Shakespeare projects (to be announced later this year) and some other new stuff (including a big personal event).  But as the weather starts to get […]

Kill Shakespeare returns to Kitchener-Waterloo!

It’s been a while since any of the Kill Shakespeare have done a signing in the Kitchener-Waterloo area so this weekend provides us a chance to return. While Conor attends the Miami Book Fair (such a rough life he leads…), Anthony will be attending the G33K Art Show in Kitchener, ON this Friday and Saturday. […]

Comikaze 2013!

A ComicCon in L.A. is an interesting thing. You’d THINK there would be more celebrity culture at a show here in the heart of the entertainment world, but actually its just the opposite. Or, as one of the great organizers of the show told me “Chances are I can see these people on my way […]

Los Angeles, Stan Lee and “The Logo”

With Anthony still recovering from his whirlwind two week trip through Ol’ Blighty, Conor has stepped into the breach (once more) to take Kill Shakespeare West — to Stan Lee’s Comikaze show. The red-headed member of the team will try to keep California’s punishing rays from burning him to a Crips crisp during the show […]

England loves Kill Shakespeare!

I just returned to Toronto last night after an amazing 10 days in England and I’m still on a bit of a high.  Those that know me know that I love the city of London. And after three trips there in the last 18 months I love it even more – and have been discovering […]

Swimming with fun at Lakes!

I’ve forgotten how much of British culture revolves around the pubs…  I’m currently sitting in the only place with WiFi in Kendal city centre, a pub where I’m picking up northern British slang indirectly… I just finished the Lakes International Comic Arts Festival earlier today.  The first (hopefully annual), it was a fun event in […]

Kill Shakespeare in England!

One trip ends, another begins… After a hugely successful New York Comic-Con I’m heading to England for a week-and-a-bit to take part in some fun events over there. First off is the 1st ever Lakes International Comic Arts Festival in Kendal (northern England).  It’s a brand new initiative and I was added as a last-minute […]

We never slept – well, because it was New York…

I’m back in Toronto, finally catching up on everything from this past weekend.  The New York Comic-Con was amazing – so much fun and we burst through to break our sales record – by quite a bit, actually.  We sold out of our new Volume 3 on Saturday afternoon, and Volumes 1 and 2 early […]

Excitement! Electricity! Edmonton!

I attended the Edmonton Expo this past weekend and it was an amazing time!  The Edmonton Expo merged with the organizers of the Calgary Expo two years ago and this year attendance doubled so I was glad to be part of such an amazing show. Thanks to the organizer, Shane Turgeon, the artists I was […]