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It’s contest time! With Kill Shakespeare – Past is Prologue: Juliet #1 just a week away (WEDNESDAY, APRIL 5th), it’s time to do some fun things to get us all ready for the latest chapter in our tale. Below is a panel from issue #1 of Juliet. Send us your best caption for it and […]

Caption Contest!

Issue #4 of The Tide of Blood is being released this week (either Wednesday or Thursday, depending on your country) and in anticipation of this we are running another caption contest. Please insert a caption for the image below (one of Juliet meeting a new opponent in her quest to find Hamlet and Romeo) and […]

Caption Contest! Win an autographed copy of Issue #3!

To celebrate the release of The Tide of Blood #3 this Wednesday (April 24th), we are running another CAPTION CONTEST this week.  Suggest a caption for this image of Miranda and Lady Macbeth entering the mad wizard Prospero’s library for an opportunity to win an autographed copy of the issue! Winners will be selected randomly. […]

Caption Contest!

We ran a successful Caption Contest last week so we figured we’d do it again this week! Leave a caption for the image here either on this site, our Facebook page, or our Twitter account, and we will randomly select two winners this week to win autographed copies of Issue #1 of The Tide of […]

Caption Contest!

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be running a few CAPTION CONTESTS to give followers the opportunity to win autographed copies of our upcoming Issue #1 of The Tide of Blood (due out Wed, Feb 20th in North America). Here is this week’s photo, of Richard III attacking Shakespeare (I figured that it would […]

Caption Contest!

Win a Kill Shakespeare t-shirt by submitting a caption for the photo below (of Anthony being playfully attacked by young fan Mason Chantler)!  You can submit a caption here, by Tweeting to us, or on Facebook! A winner will be selected randomly later this week…

Issue #11 is released!

Our penultimate Issue #11 (Once More Unto the Breach) is released today in comic book stores in North America (the UK and foreign locales will get their copies tomorrow)! We’re really happy with this issue as is really drives the story forward towards our final issue (of this arc), which will be released in late […]

Caption Contest

Below is an image from our recently-released Issue #9 (Is That a Dagger I See Before Me?).  It is the grand entrance of Shakespeare, after months of waiting. We are giving away signed copies of Issue #9 to those that come up with the best caption for this image.  Please enter a caption below, on […]

Thou art a Shakespearean insult!…

Two weeks ago we ran a Shakespearean Insult contest, in which anyone could submit an original Shakespearean-esque insult and the winners would receive signed copies of issues 1 and 2 of the series.  We had a lot of entries via this website, Facebook and Twitter.  After a deliberation amongst our team we were able to […]

Shakespearean Insult Contest!

What is the best Shakespearean insult you can come up with? We are running a contest this week and giving people a chance to win autographed copies of Kill Shakespeare #1 and #2.  Send us (via email, facebook, twitter, or leaving a comment below) your absolute best (or worst) insult and we’ll give copies to […]