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Kill Shakespeare @ FanExpo this weekend!

While I refuse to acknowledge that the summer will be ending soon and the autumn beginning, I do recognize that one of the events that marks the countdown to fall is one of my favorite comic-cons, FanExpo Canada in Toronto.  It’s our hometown crowd and we always have a blast catching up with fellow Torontonians […]

Happy Birthday Conor!

Today (July 1st) is Kill Shakespeare co-creator Conor McCreery’s birthday!  So if you have a moment leave him a quick birthday note below, or on our Twitter or Facebook pages!  Special points for those that leave him a note in iambic pentameter…   Happy birthday Conor!

Toronto Launch Event this Wednesday!

Now that we’re back from L.A. Conor and I will be returning to our old stompin’ ground of Toronto’s Paradise Comics this Wednesday (the 26th) for a signing of the first issue of our new series, THE MASK OF NIGHT!  It’s where we have our first signing of our original series, as well as our […]

Wondrous WonderCon!

I’m in the midst of a move (details to come soon!) so I’ve been pretty swamped the last couple of weeks. But I wanted to take a moment to post some photos from our appearance at WonderCon in Anaheim two weeks ago (March 18 – 20). As usual, it was a great show for us […]

It’s Official! A Brand New Mini-series Is On Its way!

It’s official!  Hamlet, Juliet, Shakespeare and our characters are coming back for more! IDW Publishing has officially announced this morning the release of Kill Shakespeare: The Mask of Night.  Set to launch in June of this year, it is a four-issue series that continues our adventures but also allows us to introduce some new players […]

Kill Shakespeare returns to Kitchener-Waterloo!

It’s been a while since any of the Kill Shakespeare have done a signing in the Kitchener-Waterloo area so this weekend provides us a chance to return. While Conor attends the Miami Book Fair (such a rough life he leads…), Anthony will be attending the G33K Art Show in Kitchener, ON this Friday and Saturday. […]

We never slept – well, because it was New York…

I’m back in Toronto, finally catching up on everything from this past weekend.  The New York Comic-Con was amazing – so much fun and we burst through to break our sales record – by quite a bit, actually.  We sold out of our new Volume 3 on Saturday afternoon, and Volumes 1 and 2 early […]

The team reunites at FanExpo this weekend

With our busy schedules these days, one of us having a child, and living in different cities, it’s often tough for myself, Conor and Andy to actually be in the same place at the same time.  That’s what makes this upcoming weekend’s FanExpo something for us to look forward to! Yes, all three of us […]

We’re in both Calgary and Chicago this weekend!

It’s a busy weekend for all of us as we’re all at comic conventions this weekend! First off, I will be attending the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo in Western Canada this weekend.  The show runs on Fri (12 – 8), Sat (10 – 7) and Sun (10 – 5) at the BMO Centre.  The […]

Spinning Tales at FableTown and Beyond

Safely entrenched in Anaheim after a busy few days in Los Angeles, and prepping for WonderCon, I’ve now finally be able to catch up on the events of last weekend. Last Fri – Sun saw the first-ever FableTown and Beyond convention in Rochester, MN.  Not just a convention for the hit Vertigo series Fables, it […]